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OCR AG 3 : Hyper Street Fighter II

Arek the Absolute

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Hahahaha, "It pissed off everyone except for the guy who beat me." You have to admit that it's pretty cheap, though I'd be interested to hear how Epic beat you. I know he plays Bison too though, but maybe not exclusively. T Hawk's shoryuken equivalent cuts right through the crusher. I'm not sure what else he could have used to beat you, though I did beat Kamoh just now with classic Zangief when he was using Bison.

I also beat him CE Bison vs CE Bison. I could probably beat him with some of the other characters I'm good with, but I went with the safest option for the tourny.

Just because CE Bison is good doesn't mean you automatically win, you just have to be better than the person you are playing.

Hell, Alex Wolfe won Evo last year in HSF2 with ST Dhalsim. It's just that CE Bison takes a great game and turns it ugly real quick. I prefer Super Turbo, as does most of the US Pro players, but the Japs are still playing HSF2, so maybe they know something we don't. I doubt it though, I think the US definitely has an edge in SF2.

ps sirlin.net to all of those who were crying, you really should read the play to win articles

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Kamoh, gotta say, I'm lovin' the new tournament board design. Lovin' it. You should get extra points for it.

Lol...I really need wins, not points...

I beat keegan 3-0

man if all these peeps aren't playing their matches we should move on to the finals

No, it's good. Players are still playing, and we set a deadline for a reason.

It's all going according to plan :)

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hey everyone

I need you all to check your scores when you get a chance...

The standings below are probably a little inflated, since I looked at everything and it was all wrong, so I figured that I had missed half of each one.

If you have a dispute, we'll check the last "correct" standings (at 41 games played) and cross-reference.


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You must instate Glasnost if you want any hope of surviving the capitalist onslaught.

And where did you find Sega, Epic? I thought he was dead.

He's in jolly old England, and I talked to him this morning. It's awfully difficult to play match with a foreign-person like himself, so I told him to wake up earlier :)

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