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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


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A new Rival Schools game would be awesome as a 3D cel-shaded fighter. That series always had some awesome presentation.

Agreed! Great gameplay, too. Probably the best 3D Capcom fighter aside from Tech Romancer. I would be happy with straight ports of those to newer systems, but the Dreamcast makes both of those games look good enough to keep it hooked up to my TV at all times.

Maybe one day we will get Project Justice 2... We can only hope. That game had a great story as well, and the way the prefight dialogs decided your team structure was cool. I can't think of a fighter with a better story mode; most of the time it's just some generic tournament with some loose character relations/rivalries. The Rival Schools world is more more complex.

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Hi everyone there yoh!

This is Karifantasy, an aspiring composer from far away ^^ "

Please tell, me (and please sorry if this question is damn stupid) but I really want to know if there is any chance to participate in the Street Fighter ReMixes of this XBOX relaease?

Are there any open possibilities? Can I just put one or two peaces of my Ryu's theme composition in some way? Can I put a micron of my creativity in it? Even if it's only 10 secs of music? Please tell me, It would be a dream come true, just tell me what to do, I'll do anything! LOL (hum, nearly anything ROFL" )

Wish you great days and successful creative pleasure moments : )


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Yes. Content is often made ahead of time before its release date. After an official announcement. It's pretty much done and over with. Secondly, remixers selected for this opportunity were well established in the community and have contributed quality remixes.

But getting back on topic, what is everyone's take on SF2HD Remix Beta? I think you can only choose Ken and Ryu and only play in Ryu's stage. That kind of sucks, but I know some people on the site already have it.

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Thank you very much Katsurugu and Dhsu :)

Then all I have to do now, is create my own Street Fighter 4 clone conceptual project, then create original music for it, it would be more interesting for me I think.

When I start this project I'll notice you ;) (not quite the time for it right now, nor the team ^^")

Thanks again for your reply and have a cool day!


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To be honest whenever i played the original live arcade SF2T, most matches i fought were Ryu V Ken or E honda (hundred hand slap spammers).

Overall though i think the beta was impressive and i'll no doubt buy the finished product when it's finally released.

Yeah. I think in SF2T you can slightly move backwards and forwards with E. Honda. That makes zoning really easy for you as you do the slap. I think that's so cheap... Anyway, all the characters are good. Sagat has his "old" Tiger Knee if anyone remembers that. It's not the dragon punch motion with kick any more. It's down to back and then up-forward and kick. The only changed it after Super Street Fighter 2. A good Blanka can leave you blocking most of the game while he just keeps chipping at your life bar. Chun is always good in most any game she's in. Standing light kick can stop Blanka's forward roll attack in its tracks if you time it right.

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