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The Damned

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It must be difficult for them, however, since Pokemon is such a complex game. Also, you have to consider that the hardcore competitive community in Japan is smaller than the one in the USA, so certain trends would be hard to pick up on without a lot of research since the sample in their native tongue is smaller.

Also, the methods of most Japanese players -- even those who are really good -- tend to differ from American players of similar skill.

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For the sake of making sure we all get a Shaymin, here is a list f everyone that has requested one, from the first to the last.



The Damned (me)



jayc4life (I think, the post didn't specifically mention Shaymin. He may have been talking about Darkrai)

That's it. Everyone make sure you have your Friend Codes up to date and entered, so the whole trade thing can get over and done with as soon as possible. That way, we all get our Shaymins faster.

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Brushfire's already gone to sleep, so best to check back late tonight (if you live near the USA I suppose).

Also, being the standup guy that he is, he's letting me have his TM86. I'd used mine already, so I appreciate it.

I've seen clips of the Darkrai movie (and read that mini-manga), and it seemed pretty decent, I guess. Honestly, I just miss the focus on characterization and drama over action of the first movie. That remains my favorite.

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