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The Damned

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So my thread over at Pokebeach got closed due to "advertising" the Clan OCR IRC chat. I find that offensive to me going out of my way to get Shaymin for them.

The good news is that a bunch of Shaymin have recently come available for trade. I assure you that this has nothing to do with the ones that were reserved for the people at Pokebeach.

That'll learn em to close my threads and give me warnings. Buncha pricks.

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Could you save one for me? I can't get my DS online till I go back home in August as far as I'm aware, but I can keep trying to get it to work here in the meantime.
Oooh I don't have one yet, could ya give me one if you can? :o and Wow that really sucks. Well they got what they deserved I guess heh

I got them if ya want em. Just IM me or catch me in the chat.

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Hey, there's some new artwork... well, sort of... up on Serebii.net. It shows five silhouettes of "new" pokémon. I say "new", because it's looking like they are alternate forms of Rotom, that freaky, floating, possessed light bulb.

I think the green one will be a Ghost/Grass tractor, the red on will be a Ghost/Fire 1950s style toaster, and the purple one will be a Ghost/Ice refrigerator.

Now, do keep in mind that there is a chance of this being fake. But the source is said to be one that has passed valid info before, and it seems to correspond with recent CoroCoro magazine leaks.

Take it as you will.

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From the bottom to the top, I think...

Red toaster

Purple fridge

Green tractor

Orange Castform (I know I know, but the "arms" aren't jaggy like Rotom's)

Blue ???

I've been staring at these things all day, and the red, green and purple ones definitely belong to Rotom. The orange one could be also, but the style is more consistent with Castform. The blue one has the head spike... but honestly, I just can't tell what the fuck it is.

That said, the way I see any Rotom forms going: I think that it's equally as likely that they will be:








But I'm leaning towards the Electric ones, currently.

Someone on Smogon thought the blue one might be some kind of washing machine -- being part Water -- and I liked the idea, though the silhouette doesn't seem to suggest such a thing.

Either way... electrified floating tractors ftw!!

EDIT: the big huge large obvious text on top of the image reads, roughly, "these silhouettes, could the Pokemon they belong to be one body?!," or something less wordy but of that same vein. So there's a good chance they all belong to Rotom.

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New Platinum trailer shown at Pokemon Festa!

*Double Battle with Volkner and Flint

*Piplup boat

*New Pokemon available in Amity Square

*Faster Surf speed!

*So far, 3 online minigames that support multiplayer

*Battle Factory, and a new place that incorperates card battles?!

*Once again, showing the cool cutscenes on Mt. Coronet

*Confirmation of the silhouettes

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I think the blue one might be some sort of car battery. Look at the "arm" on the right side. It looks like the handle on a set of jumper cables.

Electric/Electric? Fuck yeah!

As for the left side, I got no idea. It's a mess of lines and color.

There's also the theory that these are going to be the first 5th gen pokes to be revealed. It kind of makes sense; they revealed 2nd gen shortly after Yellow came out, 3rd shortly after Silver, and 4th just after Emerald.

But this is a little too soon. It hasn't even been two years since DP came out.

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With the other two alternate forms they've already given us, I think people are going to expect *more* forms by default. It's true, though, that they could be Gen V pokemon... but yeah, I'd rather them not be, since I've hadly exhausted D/P at this point.

Hell, I think PDP is the most fun I've had with the series since I beat Yellow for, like, the 12th time.

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The Damned Used Max Revive!

It's sort of effective... I guess.

Any way, Platinum has been out in Japan for a few days now, and there's a flood of news.

First off, those Rotom formes? Here are the answers.

Next, pics and details of The Torn World.

Then we have details on the new Battle Frontier.

Lots of new stuff about the Gyms and the Gym Leaders. Infinite Gym Leader Rematches? Yay! But no more TMs. Sorry. Oh, and the order you fight the Gyms has changed. It looks like there have been some significant plot changes.

Fans of the first Legendary Trio, Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres will be happy to know that once you complete certain steps, the three birds will be roaming around Sinnoh for you to catch.

New Move Tutors! Not the greatest selection, but there are the Elemental Punches and some good support moves. All you need are those colored Shards you've been finding everywhere.

There's also the new Battle Castle, much like the Battle Tower, except that you don't get to heal your team after each battle. You have to save up Castle Points and spend them on HP, PP and Status restoration.

Speaking of the Battle Castle, it and the Battle Frontier have a new feature: the Battle Recorder. You can save each step-by-step attack of a battle for later viewing. You can use it for onlone battles as well, and save a favorite battle where you smashed your opponent's face in.

The WiFi system has a new set of games and features in the WiFi Square. Play games with other people from around the world.

Lastly, you are given a house. That's right, a house. You're ten years old, the champ, loaded with cash and a team of vicious creatures that do your bidding, and now you own a house. Kids these days... Spend you fortune on expensive furniture and show off your new life-style.

I guess they saved all the good stuff for the last game (so far). Lots of stuff that make getting it actually worthwhile. I'll stick with my

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