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The Damned

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Original name, huh?

Any ways, there's enough people in the DS thread talking about this game (which just came out today in North America) to warrant its own thread.

Exchange your DP Friend Codes here, list some movesets you might want to try out, ask for some advice, anything at all.

First, a poll: which of the three starters did you select, and why? For functionality? For looks? Because you always choose the starter of that type?

When I do get my game (stupid exams...), I'm going with the turtle thing. It will make short work of the first few gyms, and I like the overall stats it has; namely, good defenses and decent attack power.

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Got it this morning, havent stopped playing since.

I picked Piplup (water pengiun) because the others were ugly (I actually am a "fire" pokemon trainer, so a big change for me) and I couldn't resist naming it 'PenPen'.

So far I'm on my way to the first gym battle, and am desperately looking for another pokemon besides Bidoof to offset my normal pokemon. Stupid rat-beaver.

I'm definately willing to trade with anyone, especially if you want to provide me with the other two starters, lol.

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I chose Piplup. Because it's a penguin!

I made the mistake of not teaching my Staravia the move where it reduces your opponent's hp to your own. Big mistake >_<

But other than that, it's nice. I have a pretty balanced team, if anyone wants to battle or trade (I have both but am playing diamond), see me on #ClanOCR.

And as far as grass being the best for the first few gyms .. it isn't. It works for the *rock* gym but the second one is a *grass* gym - I used *flying* to beat that.

What good is Steel anyway? I have not noticed it to be effective against anything.

I'll post my friend code as soon as I find my wi-fi dongle. It looks like you can't generate one without connecting.

EDIT: Code is now sigged. For those who like to copy/pase my code into all your important documents, it's 2749 7572 0013

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I bought Diamond like ~3 hours ago...haven't got to play it though since I ate out for lunch and I spent an hour outside studying.

I was surprised at how fast the games were selling though - at ~11 am, most of the major chain stores sold through at least half of their copies, if not the majority.

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As much as I totally dig you guys enjoying this game and talking about it, I would love to see this conversation taking place in the clanocr thread. There was a reason we were trying to revive it, and this game was supposed to be it's saving grace.

So, if it is cool, please carry it on there, OR if a mod finds it appropriate, please merge the threads.

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I picked Chimchar, because I always start with fire-type pokemon. It amuses me that they made Bob Ross the president of the Poketch company.

I'm enjoying it so far. I like the new pokemon, and the music is nicer than the older versions, though the graphics are a little tough to get used to. They're not very smooth.

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