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OverClocked Remix Chess League

Good Luck, Have Fun, and 134340!

To Enter the OCRCL, please post in the thread your interest, and include an AIM screen name that you use regularly.

The last page of the thread generally contains the current standings, as well as important rules.

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Alright alright fun kids :)

Play your assigned opponents twice (once as white, once as black).

Use 10/15 clocks.

You may play one game unscheduled (called a halfmatch). Decide on a color with your opponent.

Wins = 5 points, Draws = 3 points, Losses = 1 point.

Losses will only account for up to 20% of the maximum score.

Halfmatches will only account for up to 20% of the maximum score.


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Hmm... yes... is this more like what you were going for, Kamoh?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop my head in and bookmark the thread.

While I'm here, I'll go ahead and state my intentions to join next week, if that's acceptable. Finals this week, then I'm free from a crazy semester. I look forward to throwing my weight around some more.

Also, I'll go ahead and see if I can contact JD to find out what's stopping him from playing some too.

Alright? See y'zall next weex.

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I graduated. Today is my last day as a university student. Officially, as far as the school is concerned, I'm done. In one hour and 50 minutes I will cease to be a student, and will magically metamorphose into a full-fledged teacher. I'm going to work tomorrow, to teach, just like I have every day for the last five weeks, and during three practicum blocks before that, but tomorrow, tomorrow, I actually get a paycheque.

And now that I'm only subbing part-time, not prepping, I officially have free time again. Are we ready to start now? We got (some of) the old gang together, let's play some chess.

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1 game = 5 points?

bypass rule?

explain please. Unfortunately, I don't have time to search through old threads to find the answer.

I've moved the scoring to 5-3-1 for two reasons:

1) Losing every game OR winning only halfgames will only get you 20% of your maximum score.

2) 3-2-1 is a little too loss-heavy of a system - I think this is just a little tweak that helps out quite a bit.


If you cannot find your own scheduled opponent, you may play their OTHER opponent, bypassing them completely (you can also bypass those players until you violate some other rule). Those games will only be validated at the end of the week.

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Margoute dominated me but I fought back hard. I had forgotten the safety word.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: margoute
;Black: cpt1337
;Date: Mon May 07 02:05:15 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 c7-c5
2. c2-c3 e7-e6
3. g1-f3 d7-d5
4. e4xd5 e6xd5
5. f1-e2 g8-e7
6. d2-d4 c5-c4
7. o-o g7-g6
8. c1-g5 f8-g7
9. f3-e5 o-o
10. g5xe7 d8xe7
11. e5-f3 b7-b5
12. f1-e1 e7-f6
13. b2-b3 c8-f5
14. b1-a3 a7-a6
15. b3xc4 b5xc4
16. f3-e5 b8-c6
17. e2-f3 f5-e4
18. f3xe4 c6xe5
19. d4xe5 f6xe5
20. e4xd5 e5xc3
21. d5xa8 c3xa3
22. e1-e3 a3-c5
23. a1-c1 f8xa8
24. e3-d3 g7-f6
25. d1-f3 c5-a7
26. c1xc4 a7-e7
27. d3-d1 a8-e8
28. c4-c1 f6-g5
29. c1-b1 e7-e6
30. h2-h3 e6xa2
31. d1-e1 e8-e6
32. e1xe6 a2xb1+
33. g1-h2 f7xe6
34. f3-a8+ g8-g7
35. a8xa6 e6-e5
36. a6-e6 b1-b8
37. g2-g3 g5-f6
38. e6-d7+ g7-h6
39. d7-d2+ g6-g5
40. h3-h4 h6-g6
41. d2-d3+ g6-g7
42. h4-h5 g5-g4
43. d3-d7+ g7-h6
44. d7xg4 f6-g5
45. g4-e6+ h6-g7
46. e6-d7+ g7-h8
47. d7-f5 g5-e7
48. h5-h6 e7-d6
49. f5-f6+ h8-g8
50. f6-g7++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: margoute
;Date: Mon May 07 02:28:33 GMT 2007

1. g1-f3 d7-d5
2. d2-d4 g8-f6
3. c2-c4 c7-c6
4. c4-c5 e7-e6
5. b1-c3 b7-b6
6. b2-b4 a7-a5
7. c1-a3 f8-e7
8. e2-e3 o-o
9. b4-b5 f6-e4
10. d1-c2 f7-f5
11. c3xe4 f5xe4
12. f3-e5 c6xb5
13. f1xb5 e7-h4
14. o-o h4-e7
15. e5-c6 b8xc6
16. b5xc6 a8-b8
17. f2-f3 e4xf3
18. f1xf3 f8xf3
19. g2xf3 d8-f8
20. c2-f2 b6xc5
21. d4xc5 e7xc5
22. a3-b2 c8-b7
23. c6xb7 b8xb7
24. b2-c3 a5-a4
25. g1-g2 b7-f7
26. f3-f4 g7-g5
27. f2-g3 d5-d4
28. g3xg5+ f7-g7
29. e3xd4 g7xg5+
30. f4xg5 c5-b6
31. h2-h4 e6-e5
32. d4xe5 f8-f2+
33. g2-h1 f2-f3+
34. h1-h2 f3xc3
35. a1-f1 c3xe5+
36. h2-g2 e5-e2+
37. g2-h3 e2xf1+
38. h3-h2 b6-c7++

Good games.

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I got a flukey win in a realatively short halfmatch game where Nemo had the upper hand until the last three moves, and a breakdown on my end went my way. I got my rook to uncover a target spot behind the kingside castle and he just didn't see it in time.

Great game Nemo :)

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