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ORC103 - Not The Last Starfighter - RESULTS!


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ladies and gentleman, the votes are in:

6. avaris - Space Parade (7)

5. andyjane - Solar (8 )

5. hbpencil - lunacy (8 )

4. Rayza - Awesome Song Great Job (10)

3. Nutritious - Cosmic Drifting (14)

2. S|r Nuts - Stellar Blast (17)

1. Cyan - The galaxy is at peace (22)

many thanks to all of you, this round of ORC was a huge success !

congratulations to Cyan, please send in your original music to Doulifee within the next couple weeks.

i've been in contact with Rexy and we feel it is best for everyone to delay ORC an additional week so that ORC and PRC can run opposite to each other like they used to.

go here to view all the votes (link at bottom):


Source Material:

long ago, a friend of mine was learning to use Visual Basic. he made this delightfully crappy space shooter and asked me to write background music for it. the idea of writing video game music doesn't thrill me, but it was fun to make a Gradius-style piece of music. this is pretty much the last MIDI file i made before i started releasing music in mp3, it's about seven years old!

analoq - Star Fighter: MIDI


8:00pm PST, 11:00pm EST on May 4th, 2007.


  • Use as much or as little of the source material as you like.
    But use it!
  • Be as conservative or interpretive as you like.
    But voters won't appreciate rips!
  • Have fun.
    No whining!

thanks, cheers, and good luck !

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you think you can listen to too much Kraftwerk? you are a disgrace to electronic music. get the fuck out.

kidding aside, i'm looking forward to it! ORC needs more electro. (:

There's never enough kraftwerk.

My entry is almost finished (4 minutes or so done) I'll try to finish it this week. If I don't get to finish it I guess I'll have to submit the wip as a bonus mix.

It sounded tight though.

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Heeey, I thought the deadline was now? I must have been fooled by the timezones.. According to analoq's counter it's still time left ;o

Didn't make a mastering becouse I thought it was too late, would it be okay if I delete my entry, do some masteringwork and upload the track again?

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