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NIN : Year Zero


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The Thermal cd is neato though i still don't own it. Survivalism is the single isn't it? They (by they i mean Trent) just released a DVD in February called beside you in time (i think). It was just footage from the With Teeth tour.

In after Great destroyer.

I hope they cannot see.

The limitless potential

Building inside of me.

To mirror everything.

I hope they cannot see

I am the great destroyer

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The album is a great one for me, With Teeth really disapointed me

The album follows the story of a near future where the world is ending. It'll most likely have a few follow ups, even a movie is a possibility.

This album explains some things, such as the drugs that run rampant in the society, the "angels" coming down and visitng people (they're angry) and the life of some of the police men/enforcers that work for the government. You begin to understand the world MUCH more than a normal album when you start doing some extra work, like decrypting the binary code on the CD when it turns white, imputting the website, and visiting one of the rebellion forums/websites, which leads to links to more of them and other things.

I really love it, and if you've ever liked NIN before, I'm sure you will to. It's a bit minimal, but the sounds are honed to a distorted perfection and some of them are just plain old great to listen to. For sure go for it

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