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tetrisphere project: i quit

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hallucid's been finished, i think. there's a really quiet four-note chord thing going on in the background the whole song, and i based the trance/techno version i did on that.

in light of that, i'll be cutting the songs that don't really have anything other than drums - simply because i'm a melodic composer and as a result have a lot of trouble remixing a song that doesn't actually have a melody, a bassline...chords of any kind...you get the picture. i'll have some updates next week at some point.

EDIT - also, since my favorite tune on the soundtrack (Sappy) has a decidedly poor song paired with it, i think i'll be doing a vocal arrangement of just that song as well. i'm still not sure if that wip will leave wip stages - i just don't think it's jiving really well with my general idea of a decent mix of any sort. in other words, i don't like it.

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I still can't believe Tetrisphere won, and I anxiously await this. So far, no other artist has dared remix a track from this game.

i've dared eight so far, and kmet and da are daring another one with input from me on both. so, i'm really hoping that there's ONE mix on it that gets into OCR. i've got two or three that i feel are good enough quality to make it in, so we'll see. i've been accepted twice and rejected eleven times at last count, so my opinion doesn't seem to matter any more.

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haven't forgotten about this. wips for Skank Bowl Fight and a different one for Magic Fluter.

student teaching has hit me hard, but i'm still plugging along on these as i get inspiration. i'm still planning on cutting some of the tracks that don't really have anything but a groove in them, however, which puts me at about 50% complete or so.

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