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tetrisphere project: i quit

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it's still going. i've gotta update the first post at some point, as it's significantly farther along than before. my computer being dead doesn't help. that should be fixed today =)

so i'm lazy and never do any work. i'll likely just sub the six that are done to OCR and be done with it, unless anyone wants to jump in and help me out.

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i don't intend to finish, actually

After listening to what you've got, it's a shame that you decided to stop. Maybe you should think about allowing others to finish what you started. It's already about 25% done.

Martist, Sappy, Cheddar Funk, ManicDrumMix, Flim Flam

It would have been nice to hear those. (I don't want to seem ungrateful, though. I love what you did with Learn, Prophetic Title, Hallucid, and Phony.)

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wait, you didn't like magic flute? maybe i forgot to send it, but that was my favorite mix that i did for the whole project.

i have two mixes for sappy, actually - one horrid wip combining sappy and magic flute that was total trash, and another joke mix that i'm doing with da involving enormous turds (no lie). i think we'll finish it eventually.

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