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tetrisphere project: i quit

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Radical Dreamers:tomatoface:

Holy crap, Avaris! That's like all the games I would have said too! hahaha. I agree with Zeratul as well. Alundra needs more love. In fact I think that's one of your best choices since the amount of music is a lot smaller than a lot of those other RPGs. ^_^

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That's a great idea, I was thinking of doing that with Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner and Jade Cocoon sometime..

anyway, I think you should try these OSTs:

Stella Deus - Great 40 song soundtrack with loads of RPG gems.

Donkey Kong 64 - Short (15 full tracks I believe) but great, easily remixed

Yoshi's Island - Unforgettable ~25 tracker. Really fun.

Good luck with this proph!

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