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Guild Wars Thread...version 2.


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apparently the last thread got pruned. here's the archive.

i play guild wars, and i'd like to play with anyone who also plays from OCR. i've got my own guild, and i'm prophecies only.

this thread should be about anything from game invites to trade requests to pvp stuff. and you should all join my guild (Knights of the Burning Mountain), i've got a hall, cape, and a xunlai agent so far. i started to run out of money, so i haven't gotten any more yet. also, someone play hard mode with me!

The Prophet of Mephisto

Cu Bhendhir the Red - lvl 20 E/Mo.

Cu Hosch the Mighty - lvl 20 w/mo

Cu Darain the Holy - lvl 3 mo.


Ku Shang - lvl 20 A/R

Victo De Dracula - lvl 20 MM


The Fishy - lvl 12 E/Mo.


Conan McBrien - ??


Leia Mulder. lvl 20 W/Mo.

?? - lvl 11 N

?? - lvl 9 R


Crimson Foliage. lvl 20 Mo/E.


Prosperous Vanity. don't know his level/build.

eternal Zero

Katti Solaris - lvl 20 ??


Gimgak the Pure - lvl 20 R

Gimgak the Impure - lvl ? MM


Dear Fairlight - don't know his level/build

Conan the Politician

Disciple of Crom (Prophecies) - lvl 20 W/Mo

Arcane Persuasions (Prophecies) - lvl 20 E/Me

Bulim McFrisk (Prophecies) - lvl 20 N/R

Hazardous Object (Factions) - A/Rt

The Midnight Beacon (Nightfall) - D/P


Boraxus Xulrei - lvl 20 W/Mo

Penoio Xulrei - lvl 20 N/X


Sister Ayano - lvl 20 Mo/Me

Raiden Astal - lvl 20 R/N

Krysta Astal - lvl 20 N/Me

Xavier Astal - lvl 20 A/W

Luna Astal - lvl 20 W/Mo

Tobias Astal - lvl 8 Me/E

Celes Astal - lvl 20 D/E

Daedalus Astal - lvl 6 P/W

Amber Astal - lvl 10 E/Me

Azul v2

Azul Panther - lvl 20 M


Alexi Asleh - lvl 20 ?? (Nightfall)


Miaya Sedai - lvl 20 M/X

Protection Rnd - lvl 20 M/X


Genneo Genjack - lvl 20 MM


Wycked Woman - lvl 20 W/Mo


Sweet Jeni - lvl 20 R/X


Eclaire Ortensia - lvl 20 E/X


Axlrod Gunnarson - lvl 20 Mo/X

Stella Soulcatcher - lvl 20 R/X

Look Im Emo - lvl 20 N/X

Freya Evangeline - lvl 20 W/X

Zoe Lilas - lvl 20 Me/X

The Afflicted Huan - lvl 20 E/X

Belah Belladonna - lvl 20 A/X

Elijah Engelhand - lvl 20 Rt/X

Like Isis - lvl 20 D/X

Ecco the Dolphin - lvl 20 P/X

Gonna Sting You - lvl 20 Me/W (PvP character)

Mule of Nosferatu - lvl 20 E/X (extra storage)

that should be everyone.

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How convenient. I recently bought Nightfall after passing up Factions. To be honest, I only have access to Nightfall because my Prophecies account was technically my friend's and I didn't want to give him that access. This being said...I'm pretty poor (<50 plat) and am currently working on a W/E. Name is Katti Solaris, currently level 17/18. I work at a fast clip, so I'll probably be level 20 by the time I finally decide to leave the beginner island. I have a guild, guild cape, guild hall, and xunlei agent. Under the name "The Valar" or [Valr]. This was the guild I created in my days of Prophecies and I have recently resurrected it along with my vent server for new play. I currently only have four or five members who are friends of mine from Rutgers.

Now..about business, haha. I'm interested in finding a perfect mod max dmg icy dragon sword. I hear they start at around 25k or so. If anyone would have one, I'm very interested. Also, even if you're Prophecies or Factions only, but still have the item, contact me via PM here cause I have a friend who owns all three. I eventually plan to expand my account back into Prophecies and then Factions.

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I've been thinking about playing some more Guild Wars since I have not played in a while. Right now I only have Prophecies but I may upgrade. My accounts:

Gimgak the Pure - my main accout, a lv. 20 ranger

Gimgak the Impure - secondary account, a minion master

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oh, man

haven't played GW in a while, but its summer so what the hell

figured i'd start new to get the hang of things again, i'm still pre-searing and all so if you want to do some low level crap with me or just chat or whatever, my character is

Dear Fairlight

don't ask, i get inspiration in odd places

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I've finished out the Nightfall storyline/missions, and must say that it was definitely one of the better ones. I've moved into the other two worlds...but find myself coming back to Nightfall just to finish all the quests because the travel point in Prophecies is too easy and I'm at a point in Factions where it's too annoying to be bothered with (read: befriend either faction).

I've also come to realize something somewhat annoying. I'm a fan of all the classes, but I've spent most of my time exclusively working on my W/X. The biggest problem I've had so far is the massive amount of skills I need in just my primary profession to succeed. It's really annoying compared to a simple machine gun ranger, or a touch ranger who just need the levels and basic skills to do well. It's interesting to see how some classes develop over time and how that affects the number of people who play them.

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i've been putting a lot of time into my whammo lately, and i'm finding that (as a hammer/sponge tank) i just use the same 10-15 skills...most of which i learned way early on. go figure.

i think that as a whole, though, i love playing as my warrior because of the survivability factor. the hardest thing with my ele is that i just can't solo/solohench very well, and it gets so annoying constantly having to run away if my party gets wiped while i'm working in, say, the RoF or the Southern Shiverpeaks.

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Ehh...I used to Whammo when I first started a couple years ago...not exactly the most prestigious of professions, lol. Seriously though, it isn't -so- bad as people claim, as long as you aren't a complete nub.

At the moment I'm a complete W/W swordie. I alternate around my secondary very often just for fun and for more effectiveness in certain situations. If you can manage your energy well enough, W/E really has some massive DPS. I dunno, at this point, I have the urge to work on other characters (only really worked on my warrior since I bought all three and restarted). I have no other characters currently but I really want to just work on my main before GW:EN comes out. That being said...I was poor after buying my nice Ancient Armor (thought about Primeval...but it doesn't dye well and I'm a massive style whore)...now I'm going to be perpetually poor as I attempt to obtain every.single.skill on my main. ^_^

Edit: And you don't have to be a whammo to be able to soak up damage with survivability. Just slap on any armor (they're all the same now, which is really cool), and put the Knight Insignias on them. The ones that give -3 to physical damage. Those really help. On top of that I've currently got a Major Absorption and Major Vigor (soon to be upgraded to Superiors on both). And any points you put into prot or healing spells are easily just as effective in Tactics. I personally use Str for the DPS and such, but when PvP'ing, you need the tactics for the self-heal and armor boosts.

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I'm trying to get back into it as of right now, but I always keep telling myself that it isn't worth getting a group together for missions. I know it would be a lot more entertaining if I would have a bit more patience with getting other players, rather than rely on heroes/henches.

As for my characters, I have 5 levels 20's spread out over the 3 campaigns:

W/Mo - Disciple of Crom (Prophecies)

E/Me - Arcane Persuasions (Prophecies)

N/R - Bulim McFrisk (Prophecies)

A/Rt - Hazardous Object (Factions)

D/P - The Midnight Beacon (Nightfall)

If you ever need help with a quest/mission, I'll more likely than not have a character available to do so!

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With the new hero system it usually -isn't- beneficial to get a group together to do a random mission...at least for all of Nightfall. Most of Factions was pretty easy too with just H&H. Haven't gone through Prophecies yet, but I'll get around to it when I get bored of FoW runs and random questing.

This being said, I do want to go through Nightfall with at least two more characters. I currently use warrior ancient armor dyed white with a forgotten sword (quite the badass look) and I need both the str and tactics forgotten shields to finish out the look. =D

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you ARE a style whore.

i'm just broke cause i basically built a guild and pimped it out, then sold it...halfway. she still owes me like 100k. once i get that i'll have a little more money in my pocket.

i'm gonna start farming for cash now so i can get out of the doldrums and get a set of 15k. anyone want to help get me there?

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you ARE a style whore.

i'm just broke cause i basically built a guild and pimped it out, then sold it...halfway. she still owes me like 100k. once i get that i'll have a little more money in my pocket.

i'm gonna start farming for cash now so i can get out of the doldrums and get a set of 15k. anyone want to help get me there?

I could bring my MM n/mo along to help :o

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I <3 OCRemix and when I saw the thread for GW, I couldn't resist- my two favorite things in the same place. (c: (I actually listen to OCRemix while playing, as I'm sure most of you do.)

Anyway, I'm Sweet Jeni [R/any] in-game... if anyone wants help or needs something, let me know. I've been playing for a little over a year and a half and have recently been capping skills for all professions and working on titles to carry on into GW2.

See you in-game!

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Eclaire Ortensia E/X 20

For those who care. As the ex leader of the previous OCR guilds, good luck starting one up again in any event that you do. I wouldn't mind lending a helping hand as long as you don't suck at GW, and this is 80% of the people who play it.

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