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more mashups! (Including one from DDR)


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I know this place has gotten much quieter recently, but I thought I might as well post here about what I've been up to, anyway. Link's here: http://www3.hmc.edu/~afield/music/mashups.html

Since my last post here on the subject, there's been mixes of:

* Justin Timberlake - My Love v. Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

* Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around (Comes Around) v. Tears For Fears - Mad World

* Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb/Encore v. The Red Paintings - Mad World

* The Who - Baba O'Riley v. Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

* Ludacris - Area Codes v. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama

But more importantly, this being OCR, I just finished a mix of two DDR songs. Namely, Max 300 and Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex. Yes, this was a joke: my dorm plays a fair amount of DDR, and at one such impromptu gathering, someone joked that the guy up should play the Max trilogy. You know - Max 300, Max Unlimited, and Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex. The same guy then suggested that a mashup needed to be made. So I made one. It's a joke, but I still think it came out fairly decent, especially considering the amount of pitch-shifting it required.

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yes, you did say the mash up was a joke. You did not however make it clear that you didnt think max dont have sex with your ex was actually part of the max series.

Alright then, sorry about that. Yeah, that was the joke - a friend of mine remarked, jokingly, that the guy up at the time should play "the Max series", being composed of those three songs. He and I both knew it was a joke, and that's what led to this mashup.

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Gotta say these mashups are pretty darn good.

What sorts of mixes do you have planned?

Planned? I have plans? Ok, so to be fair, I do have a whole folder of ideas that might work sometime, if I try hard enough - the recent Tears for Fears mix had been sitting in there for a couple months in a half-finished state. Some are more finished than others - a couple of the closest ones include Johnny Cash's Hurt with Hard-Fi's Cash Machine, The Killers' Somebody Told Me v. the theme from One Must Fall (gotta love that one), the instrumental from Kelis's Trick Me Once v. Superfreak (waiting until I can find a pella or a reasonable approximation that has the background part)... there's stuff going on. Often, though, things never actually see completion, because they're waiting on things that will never exist, or because they're just not good enough.

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I demand more Dougan! Also, the My Love/Humps mashup was pretty good.
Thanks! And I'll see what I can do...

Dougan + Neminem + other = quality mashups.

Lumps amuses me, despite my immense dislike for both sources. The Tears track is cool too. Getting me to enjoy Justin Timberlake, in any form, is an impressive achievement for which I salute you. Or I would, if OCR had that smiley.

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Getting me to enjoy Justin Timberlake, in any form, is an impressive achievement for which I salute you.

You might actually be surprised - I certainly was. Yes, the lyrics are stupid, and yes, he was once in a boy band, but the tunes are just so darned catchy. I'd be tempted to call it good music, even. I know, heresy, but it's still true. (BEP, on the other hand, are complete trash - I won't deny you that).

Glad to hear from you! :D

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I have an odd request...do you think you could mash "Korobeneiki" (aka "the Tetris song") with the part sung by the Russians in "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof? I just thought the two might work well together.

You could do it yourself? :P

Really, it's more fun that way. That's how I started making them, thinking, "these things need to be mixed together, but nobody else is going to do it". Course, the first thing I made not only sucked, hard, it had also actually already been done. But still.

Then again, you'd need to find something else than the Fiddler on the Roof bit to mix it with, anyway... that bit isn't really that long. Huh, I was actually already fiddling with a Tetris mix, I could see if there was any way to fit that bit in. A pella would make it easier, though, and there's no way anyone's made one (though, incidentally, I do have a diy pella of If I Were a Rich Man :)).

Tyrog, I don't really listen to Rammstein, but I suppose I could take a listen once school starts, so I have access to other peoples' music on campus.

And WesPip: I agree ;). No, really, despite that being only the third thing I'd made, with the first being horrible and the second being a joke, it's still my favorite of all the various things I've done. Glad you liked it too, though!

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Where do you get the individual vocal (and other instrumental) tracks? I made a mashup once, but it was very basic and I didn't have access to individual tracks, so knowing that would be nice.

People ask that a lot. There are several answers:

1. If you hang out around GYBO a lot, you'll see people making note of bits and pieces of songs they've either created with audio trickery, or have gotten from leaked originals. These people are usually happy to provide you with copies of same, on request.

2. Occasionally, if you google around for a song's instrumental, you'll find it. This works especially for recent pop/rap songs, as they're the most likely to have leaked instrumentals in the first place. You can try p2ps for that, too.

3. Finally, you don't always really need a dedicated instrumental track at all - look through the song you want an instrumental of, for intros and/or solos. Sometimes, these can be looped.

4. You can also look around for karaoke versions or instrumental covers - sometimes they're close enough to the original to get something salvageable out of.

5. Acapellas are a much different story. Instrumentals are much easier to fake... but pellas are much easier to find, for one reason: http://acapellas4u.co.uk. That site is every sampler's best friend, as almost every leaked or diy'd acapella that exists, has made it there, and is downloadable for free (for bandwidth reasons, they limit downloads to a few a month, but I've never needed more than that anyway).

6. Sometimes, artists are really awesome and actually, legitimately release bits and pieces of tracks for remix use. For instance, NIN has done this a few times with individual vocal and instrumental tracks, and Jay-Z, The Beastie Boys and M.I.A. are famous for releasing large numbers of their vocal tracks.

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