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Help ARMCANNON open for Godsmack!!!


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Well, I was just wondering what chris meant by other instruments, like the steel drum reggae stuff :D. I'm a sucker for barbershop quartets aswell.

Not everyone likes the judging aspect at OCR, but it does make sure that most all of what we get is quality stuff, and I think it shows. If you guys aren't really into to electronica, do a search for "goat" or "sixto", they're probably right up your alley.

Or "housethegrate", "ashane", and "ailsean" amongst others. ;-)

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I too would like to know that.

Unfortunately results were never posted (numerically) and magically appeared.

I'm not gonna lie, even though Stemm does quite well for themselves I'm pretty sure we had a pretty ridiculous amount of votes. I pretty much had every single VGmusic board I can think of helping us out, some more than others Plus we do very well locally and we generated a lot of votes there as well.

Oh well, nothing we can do about it. It will be another day before VGmusic is thrust forth to a completely mainstream crowd. It's too bad, I was hoping to make some conversions.

Honestly though guys, it was very cool of you to throw out your support. In fact the VGscene support from everywhere was great. If any of you guys ever make it out to a show be sure to say hello. I'm fairly certain we'll be at next years MAGfest, since we did quite well there last year.

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