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ClanOCR's 1st Pokémon Tournament

Arek the Absolute

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Starting July 2, ClanOCR will be hosting it's first pokemon tournament for the games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

The tournament style will be double elimination. There will be no seeding, making it so that everyone has a fair chance at winning.


Matches will be single 1v1 matches. Levels are to be set to 50, so that all pokemon can be at the same level, giving those that do not have as much time as others to level their pokemon to 50 a chance to join.

Before any pokemon tournament, everyone is to chose 10 pokemon that they wish to use and PM me their choices along with the movelist of each. Chose wisely, for these are the choices that you are going to stick with throughout the whole tournament.

You are not to tell anyone your choices, so that people do not formulate a specific counter strat against your pokemon.

The day of the tournament, I will post the list of people who are playing with their 10 pokemon that they chose.


All Pokemon lists WITH MOVELISTS are to be sent to me by June 16th. On the 1st of July, you will find out who your opponent is as well as their pokemon, giving you a day to figure out what strategy you wish to create with the 10 that you chose. The tournament shall STILL start the 2nd of July. Your movelists will NOT be shown to your opponent. They are for me so I can sort through those that are legit and those who hacked their pokemon. Besides this, nothing else has changed.

Item clause is now in effect. No more than 2 of the same item may be used in your party. This rule pertains to all items in game.

The following pokemon are banned from this tournament:




























And there you have it!

Here is to a great tournament and many more to come!

If you are interested in joining, post in this thread or contact me via aim. Please do NOT PM me because my inbox will be full of people's pokemon lists and I do not want to mix anything up.

People participating:







-Czar Diego Rómanez XXXVII













*Those with bolded names have sent me their list*

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  • 3 weeks later...
Yeah but that'd defeat the purpose of raising ones own pokemon.

Oh yeah, I might be a little uh...drunk for half the first week of July, I just turned 21 a few days ago and the friend I'm visiting is probably going to insist I drink. So any match up with me may have to be postponed till the next week.


Yea online programs are fine and all but nothing beats the satisfaction of raising your own poke hehe

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Alright, I will level with you all. I have no time right now to host this shindig. I would be so much more inspired if the original people who wanted in would have sent me their lists, then it would have been different.

Sorry, but I can't host this right now. If someone else does aim me fast and I will send the lists I have.

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