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SONIC 2 VS. MODE - Emulation Tournament 5


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The deadline to join the tournament is SUNDAY, JULY 1st @ 11:59 pm EDT (GMT -4).

To join, post your AIM screen name in this thread.

ROUND ROBIN (until JULY 5th @ 11:59 pm EDT):

Play one 3-game series against everyone. This is not a "best-of" series.

Game 1: Emerald Hill Zone

Game 2: Mystic Cave Zone

Game 3: Casino Night Zone

Wins = 6 points

Draws = 3 points

Losses = 1 point


Ranking is determined by the following criteria:

1) Most Points

2) Most Wins

3) Most Draws

4) 1, 2, and 3 vs. tied.

PLAYOFFS (July 6th to July 12th @ 11:59 pm EDT):

The top four players in the round robin will be drawn into a single-elimination bracket.

Playoff matches are "first to 22 points."

Game 1: Emerald Hill Zone

Game 2: Mystic Cave Zone

Game 3: Casino Night Zone

Game 4: Emerald Hill Zone

Game 5: Mystic Cave Zone

Game 6: Casino Night Zone

Game 7: Special Stage

GENS 2.14: http://gens.consolemul.com/download/gens-win32-bin-2.14.zip

Sonic 2 rom: http://fileho.com/download/e390a3831689/sonic2.zip.html

Current Scoreboard is placed near the end of this thread :)

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Administrator Notes:

---Don't forget to play all THREE of the main zones.

---Please post scores if you can, and who won which zone - it doesn't matter in the standings, it's just nice to see.

---Study the format of the versus mode - it's not a race, and fastest time is only one-third of the way to a victory.

---This one is mike231x's choice, but I'm getting rid of the "winner can't win" requirement, so watch out.

---You should probably adjust your screen when playing so that you have a more suitable aspect ratio.

---I added a day to the schedule to account for July 4th celebrations.

Less playoff qualifiers, longer playoff matches. This should be a lot of fun :)

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Culturekoi and I discovered a scant little problem that required fixing of the system: Ties.

Check the top of the thread for more details, but basically:

Win = 6 pts

Tie = 3 pts

Loss = 1 pt


Emerald Hill: kelvin

Mystic Cave: tie

Casino Night: culturekoi

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