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OCR FG 5: Garou - Mark of the Wolves

Arek the Absolute

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Hello and welcome to the Overclocked Remix Fighting Game Tournament thread!

It is time to get back to what this tournament is about, and there is no greater game to do that than Garou - Mark of the Wolves

In this tournament, we shall be doing the "round robin" format. Rules are simple for this. Default settings are mandatory.

You will be playing best 3 out of 5.

We will be using an emulator called Kawaks, a cps1/cps2 and neogeo emulator. It has its own netplay option that does not require lan, so we do not need to worry about using Hamatchi. You can use whichever server fits you best to play your matches on. The best recommended servers name is "DaRoms". This server is located in Texas, which is the best choice for coast to coast play and should help minimize desynching and ping issues.

-Tournament play ending date and finals starting date to be posted soon-

Practice hard and come out fighting!






-IbanezNinja *EpicGamer*

-Electronic Toothbrush




*Chart with stats to come soon*

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Sign ups end on June 1st and Round Robin play ends June 5th, but that doesn't mean you can't start today! Since it is round robin, you can still sign up even if the tournament is in progress, so don't be afraid to sign up and join in on the action.

do you perhaps mean July 1st and July 5th?

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I'd be wary of making the next tournament SFIII, as much as it would rock. Give it a bit longer, I say. There's sure to be some bugs in the emulator, let them iron it out first. Then we can just change the name of this tournament to the SF3aJJBAT (Street Fighter 3 and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Tournament). Lord knows that even CPS2 emulators are still annoying to play online, CPS3 stuff can't be running that smooth over kaillera just yet.

Besides, we need at least one more SNK fighter before we go back to Capcom. I'm sick of six button fighters ;_;

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What I'm waiting on is for GGPO.net to sort itself out

It's a near-lagless system of gameplay meant to run at full speed... latency is still an issue based on distance between the players, but the netcode is extremely solid

I wouldn't go into CPS3 immediately, but I'm letting you guys know it's there because that's fantastic news to those of us who play competitively :)


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To Koi and Necro:

Yes and Yes. You both pretty much said what I was about to say about us switching to CPS3 for the adjacent tournament.

And has anyone else had problems connecting due to the massive influx of bandwagon SF3 players? (I'm sorry to be so bitter, but I get a little frustrated when Godweapon and DaRoms are constantly filled to capacity and I'm forced to play on Reps with a ping of freaking 110.)

And about the tournament:

I guess I beat Koi 5-3. A very intense set. That's why we play different series for every tourney, so things are more interesting.

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