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Fan Art Competition 13: Konami [RESULTS]


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Question, would it be one month active every 2 months, or the full 2 months active every 2 months that we work on the projects?

I'd still like to try contributing to the FAC. I was so close to finishing my entry, but my tablet didn't work at my sister's place where I spent 8 days last month. I still spend 30 minutes every now and again just working on the small little bits when I can, even though it's useless now.

In fact, we just got this on the main page. That in itself could be good.

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it'd basically be what we are doing now, but instead of a one month deadline, it'd be two.

It just makes more sense to let people have more time, rather than have a 1 month deadline, and then 1 month off. That way the last minute people (90% of everyone really :-) ) will at least have a month and three weeks to think about their entry, and people will have twice as long to see a theme posted, and get ready to spend the final week working on it.

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Suppose I could start early; I was waiting until the beginning of September, but 2.5 months is cool for the first one. Mind if I copy your beginning infoz for the first 2 posts?

You still planning on starting early? Sooner the better! School starts in September do remember!!!

And I really don't know what kind of time devotion to expect from first year....

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