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Fan Art Competition 13: Konami [RESULTS]


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Soooo, I've got final exams for my 2 classes today. Don't think I'll be finishing up my entry. I hope this comp doesn't collapse before I get to finish another submission.

I'm glad to hear that OA will moderate it for a bit if Atma ducks out.

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Yes, let's send him our votes; melancholy votes of tearful goodbyes. Atma was like a giant magic monster-weapon to me... *sniff*

Anyway, can anyone here think of any reasons for me to NOT get a Newgrounds account? I'm thinking of hosting my WIP Konami thing to post here, and submitting some of my older (and future) stuffs...

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So sucks for me but I couldn't get my tablet drivers working at my sis' place (where I spent the past 8 days.) D: I'm back home now... I'll keep working on my entry just for the fun of it. I'd really like to show what it was I was working on, I'm pretty proud that I haven't managed to eff it up so far but it's not even close to finished.


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