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New WIP!!!! Vocal Mix - Sonic R 'WORK IT OUT'

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ZOMG!!! SONIC R!!! Richard Jacques + TJ Davis x awesome 90's dancingesssszz = Sonic R OST!!!

AkumajoBelmont feat. Stephanie - Work It (EuroHouse 'LoVE LOvE' Mixx)


Long time no speak/mix/WIP ppls :D

This is my take of 'Work It Out', the BGM for Radical City. It's gonna be pure Euro-housey dancey stuff. My cousin Stephanie has provided the vocals this time around

It's pretty basic at the moment, with only the most essential elements in there. Most of the vocals are in, there's not too much variation in the beat, many synths and pads missing, whole melodies not there, and the vocals for the key change are not there yet. The arrangement aspects are also a little low at the moment.

But it's a start

In other news, I should explain my absence. Work and life has sadly taken over most of my time. Less time equals less music. Plus I've spent the last year and a half trying to brush up on my actual mixing and mastering skills. So, yeah, thats out of the way :D

Sooooo leave some feedback if you like the mix. As I'm quite busy these days, I don't know when the next update will be. But it shouldn't be too long away.

Forgive the bare bones nature of the WIP, and lemme know what you think!

Cheers guys and gals...


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I've been a fan of Richard Jacques work for around 10 years now and this was one of my favourite songs from his early days working with Sega so i can think i can make a few comments regarding this as i don't take lightly to naff remixes of my favourite composers :-x.

what can i say...

This is amazing, in every sense of the word, Stephenie has some great vocals and the music shines. to say this is only wip i'm really impressed This is one of the best remixes i've heard for ages... or should that be sega.... (slap :razz:)

Keep up the good work

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Great work so far. I don't have much familiarity with the source tune (never owned a Saturn, so I missed out on this game), so I can't comment on your arrangement in terms of the original.

While I understand that this is still rather bare-bones, here's my critique so far:

The 8-measure break at measure 17 feels like it should be 4 measures. Nothing is happening during that part, and euro-house songs that have sections with nothing going on in them usually cut them down to about 4 measures to serve as a break or a bridge. Don't fall into the trap of having consistent 8-bar segments!

For the chorus, I would recommend adding more harmony to the vocals. Usually dance and house songs with vocal tracks have either minimalistic or rich vocal harmonies, typically in the 2nd and 4th quarters of a chorus. I think a more minimalist harmony would work, try play around with the fifths and the octaves. Edit: After listening to this on some better headphones, I noticed you actually did have some harmony. This should probably be brought out more or brought up an octave.

Finally, the key change seems rather sudden. You really need some sort of harmonic buildup in there to make the transition a bit smoother. As of now, everything just jumps up to C# with no warning except a snare roll.

Other than that, it's a great start and I'd definitely like to hear more!

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Wow...this is excellent. Incredibly catchy beat and very nice voice work. Vocals kind of remind me of teen pops Duff and Lohan, although this is a much, much more better taste for me personally. Gotta love those techno songs with cool female vocals.

Nice work, both of you. :)

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This mix is absolutely fantastic. This is my favorite song from Sonic R, so I may be a little biased, but those vocals are absolutely fantastic, and it's just as catchy as the original. True it does sound simliar to the original, but you've put a new spin on the overall feel of the song. I have no complaints, great song!

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This song is amazing! I'm loving the upbeat 80's euro-style, and you can never, NEVER go wrong with great female vocals overlaying electronic music. Reminds me of the good 'ole better days listening to this! I really wish I could save this song, I'd definitely rock it in my car all the time, its great driving music too!

EDIT: i'm an idiot, you CAN download the song!! VICTORY X10!!! also, in the future.. if you need hosting space, please please please let me know - the ads on that site are ridiculously annoying!

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