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Final Fantasy VIII Project, regaurdless of what you think.

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i know Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream was a huge success but i'm not sure if this should be a follow-up that's the same size you know what i mean? but of course Final Fantasy VIII has an excellent score like Final Fantasy VII but rearranging the entire score? i'd say good luck to thee. it's really not gonna sound good.

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I'm on board as long as there's a maximum of no more than 12-15 songs, and they're only the good ones from the game. I'm sick and tired of this "50 tracks OMGGGG" and 45 of them suck (not talking about VotL, just projects in general).

KFC should just pick a team of arrangers and then they should all have a discussion while listening to the soundtrack about which songs need to be included.

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