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ORC 107 - Monthly version [August]


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- The Original Remixing Competition -


Welcome to ORC107.

Source Material

Last ORC's winner was Nutritious.

"Well, this is an oldie for me. This song is based off of something I came up with years ago when I got my first synthesizer keyboard. You could record up to 2, 6-track songs with it, so this one sat on the keyboard's memory until a friend unplugged it and erased all my data. This version of the song has been fleshed out a lot more than the original, which was my attempt at a Middle Eastern-type sound. Hope you guys enjoy."

Nutritious - Last Oasis: - MIDI


31th August Midnight US East Coast

The contest is now a monthly contest due to the low participation in the last contest. We'll see if ORC is still worth to be kept alive. Good luck everyone.

The Quick Rules Rundown

Step 1 -Submission:-

  • 1. Anyone can enter regardless of your remixing ability.
    2. Filesize is limited to 8 meg.
    3. You may only enter one piece. but can collab on a second one.
    4. When you've finished your entry, feel free to post it in the thread, BUT send it also to Submission@doulifee.com It's mandatory to avoid me to run after you for your mix in case of a dead link.
    5. You may submit your piece as a MIDI, MP3 or OGG file.

Step 2 -Vote:-

Voting is done via PM. Voting stage will last 1 week from the 1st to the 7th Midnight .

About the comment:

You are now allowed to comment anytime EXCEPT during the voting stage..

that mean that once a mix is posted, you can feedback it, until the submission process is over.

About a draw in the result:

It happen sometime. Both remixer are still officially Winner, but i'll ask the remixer with the less "Win" to send me his song.

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I made a mix. Too little, too late?

First time in months I've touched Fruity Loops or my samples. Very rushed...it's 2:00 a.m. PST and I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow (today) for school. Made the process hellishly frustrating, turned out a not-so-polished finished product. Repetitive. It's not so bad, though the guitar playing is (while I'm better than this, I'm not that good).

Characteristic excuses aside, I'm sad to see ORC die like this. But I've been gone for a while, so I guess I can't really talk.

Here's the mix, kind of downbeat, just a little bit jazzy.

The Swan Palm

I would be thrilled for any competition. Want to finish your mix, Nuts? For old time's sake? (not actually that long ago, haha)

Or anyone?

Or are we done here...

p.s. If ORC was revived, I would totally mix for it all the time! I'm getting back into computer music! Though I don't think I'll be remixing much video game music anymore.

p.p.s. sorry to Nutritious, the source tune is kind of buried in there. But, er, you can make a game of finding it! Fun!

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wow 107 lol

I remember this back when it was in the single digitz

I came second once then just gave up completely lol

I should definitely get back into these. expect to see me around!

I thought ORC died a long time ago, please keep it alive, I'll definitely participate and contribute.

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Hey guise ^-^ Oks im new here and the rules to this event in this thread are vrey minor, im assuming to enter you grab that midi and do what ever the heck u want to it and then thats pretty much the game? :P

im at work right now with no speakers but when i get home ill check it out :D

*EDIT* or not... i just realsied the dates and read a few comments i missed :P i just got excited and went straight to reply :P

so this was for last year and never got done eh? well i want in the new one too!! Ill keep a look out :)


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