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FLMC - Fruity Loops Music Competition 7: Super Metroid [VOTING]

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Ahh we need easier source material. We'd probably have much better participation if we did a mega man game. Or chrono trigger. Or anything from the final fantasy series.

Probably have to do so until we get enough people to try harder games like metroid(s)...

I would have entered, but I have nothing without my soundfonts. XP

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Voting time!

(Could a mod update the title to reflect this, please?)

Please PM all of your votes to me, Gollgagh. Voting ends on September 30, 11:59 PM EST.

Also, tell everybody to vote for this junk! I want at least twice as many votes as there are entries.

Okay, voting time. Sorry it's taken so long.

Here are the entries:

Bundeslang - Red Item

MP3 file | Zipped FLP file

Rocketsniper - Untitled

MP3 file | Zipped project file

sosadagr8 - projectmetroid

MP3 file | Zipped project file

Smenelian - Smenelian Brinstar

MP3 file | Zipped project file

DDRKirby(ISQ) - 3xOSC Supersaw

MP3 file | Zipped project file

Choose an entry for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 1st will recieve 4 points, 2nd will recieve 2, 3rd will recieve 1.

Votes should look something like this:


First place:

~person 1 - Super untstroid~

olol this mix wurz purty awsome cuz of the BOOMBOOM and the sweet synhts!

Second place:

~person 2 - Super Metroid mix 2007~

this wurz purty gud too but it didn't have enough UNTS

Third place:

~person 3 - Zoomers R us~

kekekek nice name but work more on the song next time kthx


If you would rather not have your vote posted in the thread, simply say so. Otherwise, all votes will be posted.

I reiterate: Please PM all of your votes to me, Gollgagh. Voting ends on September 30, 11:59 PM EST.

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Haha, nice one Kirby, the second I hit play my computer exploded, I can't say you didn't warn me though. I'm judging as I type, I'm going to for sure be in the next FL competition, due to the mix-ups with El Pollo I guess I didn't make the deadline, I'm still finishing the re-mix though, I'll send my votes in right away, but since we're all her to learn anyways, I'll give a bit of constructive criticism while I go through the songs.

Rocket Sniper-untitled

Some harsh sounds start this one off but they work, I like that explosion, it works well for the transition. I love the ringing sound effect. A bit repetitive seems to do the same thing for too long. Some of the transitions good use a tad of work, I like the FM on the drums, nice use of the source. Nice building near the end there.

Sosadagr8- project metroid

Nice funky beginning, I can hear a bit of clipping on the the bass hits, it kinda ruins the quality of the song, I fixed it quite easily by running a soft clipper on the kick and also turned off one of the kicks since you had 2 of the same going at once.. nice organ bit (are we allowed to use simsynth though?)... Nice transition to the next part I like that little background downward chromatic thing. You could probably have changed up the drums for some of these parts, all the parts aren't the same style so it should probably change. Also, this mix doesn't really build on itself enough, it's mainly sections split by crash cymbals. Nice job overall.

Bundeslang-red item

I love that beggining and the groove on the hats. after that, a lot of the melodies seem to clash, I'm not a fan of the main melody line that you used. not too much to say about this one, nice bass sound, some of the melody is off time 3/4 of the way through. Some of the sounds sound out of key a bit, not a bad ending though. Nice job, but I think it's just not my style.

Smenelian-Smenelian Brinstar

Nice smooth transition from intro into the song, I love the guitar's panning echo, nice use of a mix of 2 sound effects there, nice little bit of moving bass, perfect use of pads and harsh sounds around 1:40. Melody at 2:00 is nice. Nice use of slayer in this song. Good panning all throughout and you got 3xOsc to do pretty much everything you needed, I need to learn how to use it like you. Good drums too, Great Job.

DDR Kirby-SuperSaw

Haha, nice building and I suppose I have to give you full points for use of FL's 3xOsc, but just a tad short, on the upper side, I have no complaints, so that's a plus. I give this one a lol/10

My decision is made, votes sent. Great job everyone and good luck, and don't take my criticism too seriously.

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