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Donkey Kong Country 3: Treetop Tumble

Sole Signal

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I like the arrangement but the sounds are a little generic. pretty cool so far.

Yeah, this was more of a quick sketch of ideas than anything else. Basically everything after 1:32 was just tacked on within a matter of minutes and will definitely be revamped. Same with everything else; my WIP's tend to end up sounding nothing like the final product. :-)

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Not familiar with the source, so I won't comment on the arrangement.

Nice epic sounding intro.

The melody line at :14 hits pretty abruptly. Thankfully I didn't have the volume up too loud or I might have pissed myself :). I little smoother transition might be better. However, this is personal opinion.

The buildup at :47 is good. It's a classic trance technique that really brings out a deep texture to the sound.

However, I feel like you lose it very quickly. The beats, while they sound just fine in their sequencing, are very dry in comparison to that wonderful buildup that you gave. The soundscape as a whole needs more texture. You make it sound huge, but then it seems to fall away.

The stutter buildup at 1:01 is B-E-A-U-tifil. Very nice.

What I said about the sound after the first buildup is just as true after the second I feel.

I like the breakdown at 1:47. Try to bring the oomph of those timpanies/bass drums up so they resonate a little better.

The snare at 2:17 suddenly change volume levels. It might be intentional or the automation may have just gotten a little funky on accident, but it sounds a little jarring to me.

Not too bad mate. I'm groovin' :).

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