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ORCL - The OCR Chess League is Back! --- September/October Tournament


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0-2 vs. Helmholz. He won in 24 moves in game 2 by sniping my uncastled king while I was trying to attack his queenside with my commonly used Reti -> QG (declined). He obviously wasn't falling for it. Very interesting game:

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: helmholzian
;Date: Wed Sep 19 02:56:50 GMT 2007

1. g1-f3 d7-d5
2. d2-d4 g8-f6
3. c2-c4 c7-c6
4. c4-c5 c8-f5
5. b1-c3 e7-e6
6. e2-e3 b8-a6
7. f1xa6 b7xa6
8. d1-a4 d8-c8
9. f3-e5 f6-e4
10. c3xe4 f5xe4
11. e5xc6 c8-d7
12. a4xa6 e4xg2
13. h1-g1 g2-e4
14. b2-b4 e4-d3
15. b4-b5 g7-g6
16. c1-a3 d7-c7
17. e1-d2 d3-c4
18. a1-c1 f8-e7
19. e3-e4 e7-g5+
20. g1xg5 c7-f4+
21. d2-d1 f4xg5
22. c6xa7 g5-g1+
23. d1-d2 g1xf2+
24. d2-d1 f2-e2++

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metzgerism (2:49:53 AM): lets pool

atulkaranth (2:49:10 AM): !

atulkaranth (2:49:21 AM): why do u always wanna play when im abt to sleep

metzgerism (2:50:12 AM): ok

atulkaranth (2:59:30 AM): 134340 !

atulkaranth (2:59:42 AM): i want a badass icon !

atulkaranth (2:59:56 AM): j00 gave me umm sum nice looking kid on the forum

metzgerism (3:00:57 AM): 134340

atulkaranth (3:00:31 AM): did u get a job btw?

metzgerism (3:01:23 AM): um

metzgerism (3:01:54 AM): one is working at my radio station on-campus

metzgerism (3:01:58 AM): on is for the san jose sharks

atulkaranth (3:01:18 AM): sharks ? !?!! ?

metzgerism (3:02:05 AM): the sj sharks one is still up in the air

atulkaranth (3:01:31 AM): try and get it

atulkaranth (3:01:38 AM): u gotta maintain and feed the sharks /?

metzgerism (3:02:25 AM): just applied last week

metzgerism (3:02:36 AM): www.sjsharks.com

atulkaranth (3:02:08 AM): and here i really thought it was an aquarium

metzgerism (3:03:57 AM): lawl

atulkaranth (3:04:06 AM): i want a new avataaaaaaaaaar

Me waits for za blue skull avataar. ;-)

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Let's see...

  • 15 hours at GT = 5 classes including teh Graph Theory

  • 15 hours at part time job, including remotely submitted daily performance reviews

  • 15 hours part time Resident Manager position at the BCM: security detail and maintenance

I don't think I'm keeping busy enough. WTH I'll play some chess too.

Kickin' sig Kamoh. I miss SoCal.

Oh, and WWJDD? 134340 N3V4 PH0|2G37

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