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FF VIII : The Landing (Jap version)


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Although we were not given an official explanation as to why this track wasn't used, the general consensus over here in North America is that this track (which was used in the FF8 demo over here) was a rip off of the score to the movie The Rock.

Clip of the soundtrack: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FPrHH3DOaSE

This alternate Landing track is definitely Uematsu's style, so I don't buy the excuse that it was composed by a ghostwriter. I think Uematsu unconsciously remembered that little syncopated riff after watching the movie. Uematsu is one of the last composers to plagiarize, so it was probably an honest mistake.

Could it be a coincidence? Possibly, but there is a part where Uematsu has some high strings playing staccato syncopation against the motif that is exactly what is done in The Rock (at around 1:04 in that youtube link.)

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Wow...I do actually remember this track from the FF8 demo disk. I was kind of surprised when I found it replaced in the full version of game, because the demo version is extremely catchy. I never knew they kept it in the Japanese version.

I also listened to that theme from The Rock...surprisingly very similar.

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