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FLMC - FruityLoops Music Competion 8: Kirby's Block Ball

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Welcome to FLMC8!

Yes, that's right folks, it's time for another fabulous round of the Fruity Loops Music Competition!

This month's source is


Dammit, I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to run things.


Here are the entries, both project file and .mp3, zipped up:

If you want the .mp3s individually, here they are:

DDRKirbyISQ - FLMC8try3

RocketSniper - KirbysCocklolfinal

Smenelian - Kirby's Block Boss

Bundeslang - NotinDreamland

I am implementing the voting system suggested last time. Entrants get 5 points for voting, but cannot vote for themselves. First place gets 3 points, second place gets 2, third place gets 1.

Votes should look something like this:


Numbar one:

asdfdsads - derp

d00d this song was <img src="" /> it roxxed my sox lol bcuz of teh synths + drums! gr8 job keep up teh gud wurk.

Numbar two:

darkshadow31531957 - starrs

sweet this was pretty cool i liekd teh way the breakdown wnet also the buildup was cool.

0 points for originality tho

Numbar three:

unts - unts

hmm this song wuz ok but maybe sum moar beatz wud hlep. also it wuz short maybe lengthen it nice try tho.


Deadline for voting is FEBURARY 1ST at 0000 HOURS PST OR EST I DON'T REALLY CARE. (or January 31st at 2959 hours if 0000 is confusing)

========(OLD COMPO INFO)==========

Here is the music ripped directly from the game. (rightclick/save as)

If your music player does not yet play GBS files, OCR's own ChipAmp'll get you up and running.

If you're lazy and just wanna make a MIDI rip, the MIDI's are in here somewhere. (HOWEVER, if you actually submit a MIDI rip, I will personally hunt you down and eviscerate your reproductive organs. Not to mention it will be immediately disqualified.)

A quick recap of the rules for FLMC:

Music entries for this competition are arranged in FL Studio, using only default synths and samples. No external VSTs or samples (except for the sample pack) are allowed.

This is a competition open to mixers from all walks of life, be you the goddamn DarkeSword or someone with ABSOLUTELY no experience in doing this kind of thing WHATSOEVER.

* No Sytrus, DX10, Wasp, Soundfont Player, etc.

* You are allowed to use the FLMC8 Pack (provided by Smenelian). or here (Sendspace) to download it.

* You may enter as many songs as you want.

* You may collaborate with other entrants.

* You must provide a FLP file (preferably in the form of a zipped project file). The only exception for this is demo participants (who cannot save FLP's).

* Demo version submissions are definitely allowed and fully encouraged.


You may either post your submissions in the thread, or email them to

For anyone that does not yet have any form of Fruity Loops installed but has any inclination to remix some badass Kirby tunes should head over to to get the demo edition of FL Studio.

And last, the submission deadline is DECEMBER 31st, 2007, 11:59PM EST.

Good luck!

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Maybe I'll throw down.

I hope you will. I don't know I will enter, the fact I'm free at 14 november afternoon and 15 november will help. 16 November is my birthday, so if you want to give me something for it, please give a bonus point.

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i just got my version of FL Studio today and holy shit I managed to work out something outstanding.'s not block ball related in any way, but damn, i didn't know i could actually make stuff like this.

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