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OCR00859 - Secret of Mana "Stomp the Summer Sky"


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It's a very nice track, fun and light. Definately worth a listen.

BTW, Mustin, I don't know how much theory you know, but just because the chord progression or the intervals aren't part of the major scale or one of it's modes doesn't make it "wrong." Listen to some jazz. Even better, listen to some really avant-garde jazz. There's a whole lot of theory behind that, and they use some really out-there stuff.

Now, if you hold degrees in music and everything I have said is completely wrong, accept my apology now.

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Hoo-boy, this will be hard to describe. Alright, here goes. I could really feel the poppish and merry go round feel in this one, I've listened to it sometimes now, but I'm sure that I was smiling when I first heard it, it still has that effect.

But then about the chords, it does go up too much at some places, and the sound on some of the samples might be annoying. However, I don't think Ziwtra should change this. The result can surely be better if you use some more high-quality chords and all that kind of mix-stuff, but if you remove the funky and close to SNES-ish sound samples from this remix, it will lose it's charm.

The prescense of the comical, rough and funky samples are the reason why this mix is funny to listem to. Take it away and this would be cool, but not necessarily not as much fun. Put the issues aside and forget about quality, this is one of the most happiest and poppish remixes this site has.



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You all really need to get off Ziwtra's back. The changes or so called "errors" in the song do not detract from the piece as a whole. Putting too much emphasis on "perfection" is a limiting factor in this sort of remixing.

Afterall, these are really rearrangements. You shouldn't come here expecting to hear the exact same song from the game. And as for this one, there's nothing wrong with it and it happens to be one of my more favored pieces from OCR.

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I think the title here is a bit of a misnomer; truthfully I was expecting something a little different, but after listening to it, I can't complain. :-)

This has some vaguely tropical notions/vibe going on, which I personally wish were more expounded on, but still what's been given is awesome.

This mix has 'go and get an ice cream cone on a warm spring day' written all over it. If I had to pick one word to describe

this mix, I'd say "carefree."

Great work. :nicework:

Seeing as how those comments were made more than 3 years ago

Just some irony to be appreciated. :<

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Haha, very cute intro here :). Any malice I had towards the midi sounding instruments in the opening section disappears the moment the flute and drums came in. Wonderfully chipper and upbeat. Creates this feeling of nostalgia, not necessarily for the game, but rather reminds me of a younger age. The lead synths continue to carry the song from one part to another while the drums drive it. Love the slap bass; wish it had a little bit more low end, but thats MINOR! Even though the arrangement is simple with also a few instruments being played at one time, the soundscape is lush and well polished! My favorite mix of Youngjin's so far!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00859 - Secret of Mana "Stomp the Summer Sky"

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