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Resident Evil: Degeneration


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At last, a RE movie that has the chance of not sucking donkey bolas.


The problem with the Mila Jovionavich movies were that they they took all of the rich background and lore of the Resident Evil series... and threw it right out the window so we could have yet another action-packed zombiefest. I could see someone arguing that they were entertaining movies in their own right (although I'd have to respectfully disagree), but they were NOT Resident Evil movies.

I really hope this will change that trend. I love Resident Evil, and it deserves a good film adaptation.

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Oh hell yes, can't wait for it, be weird if it were the Iraqi people who were the main source of the zombies, since you know they're in an airport...yea. Here's to Leon, in hopes he get's the Chicago Typerighter and the Gangster Outfit!

EDIT: Not a whole lot of info on Wikipedia, but with Sony handleing it, it might only be Blue-Ray... at least that's what I heard... which is probably lies


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