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  1. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  2. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  3. Man, tell me about it. Russell Cox is such a legend. My highlights were the delicate harp brought in at :37 & 3:23 -- which sounded incredible -- as well as the original brass flourishes at 2:03 and orchestral swell at 3:02 (which was garbled by the low encoding). Everything holds up pretty well today, and this one a perfect example of a melodically conservative arrangement that's creatively expanded and given a substantial, personalized interpretation into a new genre. Amazing stuff!
  4. The harpsichord at :11 was way too loud and upfront. Oh shit, at :22, the lead synth was shrill and even louder than the harpsichord. What's going on here? The levels here really made no sense, and the track's way too compressed. Around 1:17, the plain writing of the core beats was already getting stale; you really need to get more creative with that part, otherwise the whole track feels static like it does now. Also, 1:17 and 2:01 were opportunities to get creative and varied with other aspects of the writing. Instead, the lead synth just has the same vanilla tone throughout, and the same deliberate pacing. At 2:23, we already heard that stuff at :43, and there's essentially no variation there where going to it for the finish. The whole execution feels like an early work-in-progress and -- completely divorcing this from the Standards here -- not up to your own usual standard of quality. I do like you venturing outside the wheelhouse that I'm at least familiar with for your work, Sebastian, but there's a lot of detail work and variation lacking in this piece. With such a brief piece, you've gotta vary up the sounds and arrangement ideas for the source tune, and the balance among the various instruments can't be so off. Rein in the volume, get more varied with the leads and melodic interpretation, and vary up the drumwork. NO
  5. Wouldn't disagree with that at all. I'll drop him a line.
  6. Just putting it out there again, Jan, that this was really cool, and we do want to post this in some form. Definitely re-submit this; it'll skip the wait time in our inbox, and we'll come back to it more quickly. Nice work so far, and I don't believe it would take much to turn some of us into additional YES'es.
  7. I had to listen again just to make sure I wasn't overlooking what the other Js were, but, nope, sounded fine enough again. Another pass at the mixing would be great, but to hold this version back? Can't co-sign. WE FIGHT TO THE DEATH!
  8. It didn't bother me at much, but it wasn't just you. Some of those grace notes aren't working. I'd timestamp this too for my own edification, but the production quality is an automatic dealbreaker. It's basically in mono, and sounds distant. There's not much in the way of production choices, or clarity for that matter. djp elaborated on what makes for acceptable chiptune production in the judging decision for RushJet1's "Dark Depths of Wily's Castle", so I strongly recommend listening to that and reading that discussion. Right now, this needs to make more use of stereo and add in some high-end clarity. NO
  9. Sounds harsh on the high-end to start, but nothing dealbreaking, at least initially. Around :40 in, and the groove is sounding cool, but basic, so I'm hoping it goes somewhere more sophisticated with the sound design. Whoa, the textural change at 1:08 definitely wasn't expected; curveball in a good way. Goes back to the beat-driven material at 1:36, and the lead synth for the melody is feeling very plodding and vanilla; are we ever going anywhere interesting with that lead? (Answer: nope) 2:30 recycles 1:08's writing, which was still good, but copy-pasta'ed. OK, so there's some added effects for this section, but it's basically 1:08's section looped longer. Kind of eh, creatively. That said, the very gradual build of the stuttering synth line in the background from 3:00-3:30 as a transition was smartly done. 3:52's section brings back the source verse again with some additions to the textures, before the beat dropped out at 4:20 for the finish. The synth lead first used at :13 really needs to do something else creatively over the course of the 5 minutes, especially with the tempo purposefully being slow like this. I agreed with Chimpa on how the copy-pasta of some of this hurt, as it dragged on due to the tempo. And there should be further variation on the writing or textures when core sections are being repeated. There's so much going right with this that I wouldn't die if if was posted as is, but I felt the number of smaller issues added up to needing some more development. It's maybe 80% of the way, IMO, Jan, but I see why folks are digging it; it's a creative approach, for sure. Definitely tweak this to fully realize the potential here if this version doesn't make it. NO (resubmit)
  10. He's got you there, John. Nice work so far, but the copy-pasta/rehashing is indeed too extensive. As far as being a sonically souped-up cover, it otherwise works very well. Add in some further variations through the writing and/or instrumentation and you've got yourself your first mixpost. Let's make it happen! NO (resubmit)
  11. Just noting for anyone that wants to fully appreciate this, you have to be familiar with both Michiko Naruke's version of this source on the Brawl soundtrack, and "Epiphany" by Intervals, which AJ noted on his YouTube as the main stylistic influence. Pretty swanky opening. The acoustic guitar stuff handling the source countermelody at :29 was getting buried under the melodic lead, but it wasn't a huge deal. Badass electric guitar lead at :45. Yeah, so the imbalance between the parts and overall muddiness were negatives, but it wasn't anything that hugely detracted from the listen. Good balance of mellow smoothness with rocked out energy, and way to pack in a substantial interpretation with a 2:37-long piece. Awesome work, AJ! Please keep the hits coming! YES
  12. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  13. It's not meant to be glib or disrespectful, but the lead timing was so rigid, that it was basically a dealbreaker right there. The sound design was otherwise creative and an interesting sound upgrade, Patrick, with strong SFX. I like the Dune: Spice Opera album a lot, so I respect much of what I'm hearing in the sound palette for 2:50's section. But at such a slow tempo, it's problematic to have such robotic timing on everything. The ending also cut out rather abruptly because you had hiss in the background that didn't fade even when the instrumentation did; in any case, the ending was sudden and felt like you merely ran out of ideas. Cool approach so far, but if you can humanize the timing on this so that it sounds less mechanical, this could sound pretty grand. NO (resubmit)
  14. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  15. The piece isn't poor, but the piano sample lacks realism and body, which made the higher notes in particular sound very flat with blocky timing. The arrangement -- while having performance flourishes that personalized it and moved in the right direction -- didn't sound like it had much interpretation beyond adapting it to piano, IMO. That doesn't necessarily mean doing dramatically different things with the themes, but this could use more melodic interpretation and/or more changes with the tempo, rhythms, and use of grace notes, since this was so melodically straightforward. The transition at 3:12 was sudden, but it was a purposeful shift and it's over before you can linger on it; not a big deal for me, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't at least worth pointing out. This was well in the right direction, the production in particular needs an additional level of polish. When you have a one-instrument piece, the sound quality should be on point. The arrangement needs further personalization to help it stand apart more distinctly from the source tunes, at least to me, but just focusing on making this performance sound more like a real piano could be enough to put it over the top. NO (resubmit)