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  1. Got mine coming on Friday, after I remembered I have a £100 Amazon voucher lying around. I think this is the first time I've got a console on day one, quite excited about it.
  2. Just wanted to share this here for anyone who makes or wants to learn to make games. There's a humble bundle with the full pro version of Game Maker, which was used to make some great 2D games like Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale and Nidhogg ( For $15 dollars you get: Game Maker Pro Export for web versions Export for iOS/Android More than a few games made with the engine 10+ games worth of full source code/assets to learn from I know a lot of engines are free now but the fact you get all that example source code/assets for real published games (as well as the final products) is a crazy useful resource. Plus charity!
  3. Haha, so just for reference I use game jams as an opportunity to test my intermediate coding skills, while stretching the limits of taste with my buddy Doug (the voice of Necron in that FFIX mix). They're very very silly games, but we hope you get a laugh out of them. Here's my 2015 entry, it's a 30 minute long Lucas-Arts style point-and-click where you have to blow up the world:
  4. I watch so much LoL LCS, the production quality is higher than most prime-time football coverage over here.
  5. If you have any iOS device, check out Launchpad for iOS for freeeeeee.
  6. Sweet, new time passer for the train. If only there was a sweet-ass FFIX remix album for us to listen to *cough*...
  7. This was excluded for being an FFI theme being re-used actually. They have Rufus's theme from FFVII in there too.
  8. Better than I could put it.
  9. I actually have a print copy of 'The Sky', which is pretty much all of Yoshitaka Amano's Final Fantasy I through X concept art. I'm sure that picture will be in there somewhere, I'll check when I get home :3. It's not that expensive, highly recommended.
  10. If only! Would love to have one closer to home.
  11. Welcome to the club. I want to do a listening party but the prime OCR audience is mostly US, and it's almost four and a half hours long which means if I want it to be at useful time for them I will be awake until like 4am. I'll see if I can make it happen though.
  12. Getting pretty excited for this now, my body is ready. Is yours?
  13. Oh look, an update.
  14. Coming Summer-time this Fall.