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  1. ARMS is good
  2. these placement matches sure are fun
  3. "only" Super Mario Bros 3.
  4. everyone above it is bad too tho
  5. everyone in plat is bad
  6. the controls are fine
  7. @timeline talk; people aren't bringing up
  8. the voice acting is Not Great but neither is the popular video game band-aid that is "replace it with japanese caterwauling"
  9. counterpoint; I don't want to wait
  10. Nintendo decided that only five people in my whole city get one, of which I am unfortunately not one
  11. I'll buy Ocarina of Time as many times as I have to, I don't give a fig
  12. I'm not sure that it's actually possible to break a Game Boy
  13. you're not talking about different things, you're just wrong
  14. "I don't think that [one game] is worth the whole console" is a surprisingly common sentence in discussions about a video game console that will, in fact, have multiple video games like have you people just been buying one game for one console and then putting it away forever