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  1. That's a unique way of opening this - that out of tune acoustic guitar lead really sets the tone of this track, and I like it a lot. Not enough people utilize purposeful detuning, as it's a really creepy, alienating feeling when it's done right, as it's done here. Great setup, and the idea to rock out the source is a good one. I think the arrangement works well as it is - it's a bit slow in the beginning, but it does take it to town once it picks up, there. The biggest setback this has (as others have mentioned) is the EQ and mixing on the production end of things. The rhythm rocking guitars sound distant and hollow (completely lacking in bass), the drums are mixed pretty quietly, and the overall EQ balance of this track sounds strange. The individual elements don't sound like they take up the correct EQ spaces, so when they all come together it doesn't sound right. The bass guitar is about right, but the rhythm is too focused in the mid range, the lead guitar is really lacking in the upper range, etc. I don't have too much more to say than the others have said - it's a really cool groove which is hindered by the EQ work and mixing balance. If this were polished up in those areas this would be a pretty cool track to post, but as it stands I'm afraid I must agree with my fellow judges. I hope to see it improved and polished further! NO
  2. YAAAAS QUEEN! Congrats, by the way
  3. Yup, it's definitely easier than the first, but it's still pretty ridiculously hard. I managed to beat it once years ago (on the console, no less), but I never managed to beat the first or third one. Great games and soundtrack, though.
  4. Arrangements... as in scores? Color me interested.
  5. Wow, considering how crisp everything is in the beginning, I was pretty shocked at the straight two NO's. Then the violin part comes in and... yeah, it's mixed quite low in the mix. Considering just how important the violin part is to the track, the mixing really impact this track heavily. All I'd be looking for in this would be a re-balancing of the violin in the mix so that it's more prominent and this would be good to go. While the ending is a little basic, I wouldn't dream of asking for a re-recording of this - just fix the mix in the post production and this would be a great fit for OCR. NO
  6. Haha, sounds solid to me. Looking forward to it on the panel.
  7. MOD REVIEW: Loving that source, there. I've never heard any of the music from that game, but it's catchy as all hell. It seems that your arrangement really catches the spirit of that source and takes it to new places with those synths and jazz flute. I'm liking what I hear a lot. It really sounds like one of those old school PS1 game soundtracks, and I'm digging every second of it. Since you asked about the flute specifically, I'll reassure you and say it's pretty well done. At worst, I'd say it's just a little too heavy on the decorative trills, but that's more a personal gripe than something that's legitimately wrong with it. It's mixed well, the performance is solid and it gives the arrangement as a whole a completely different (but still welcome) feel to it. The biggest issue that I can recognize is the crowding that happens at 1:32 and 2:49 due to the stacking of reverb-heavy instruments. It would probably sound better with one less line playing in there, or if the reverb were decreased a bit at those points, but overall it not a crushing issue. If you could clean that up prior to submission that would certainly be ideal, though. Yeah, if you submit this you'd probably get a little flak on the two messy sections I mentioned, but it'd probably still pass just fine. It's pretty darn good, overall, so I hope to see it in the inbox soon!
  8. Lots of great energy, and a hilarious backstory to boot, I would absolutely love to see this one posted on the site... eventually. Right now, though, the lead work just gets buried behind your rhythm work, and that synth doesn't have the body to push in front of such a dense track. If a synth is going to carry the lead make sure it's a synth that can actually push above the heavy accompaniment, and be sure to mix your wicked lead guitar work in front of the texture more, as well. Another relatively minor complaint is the excessively dry aspect of those drums. It's not crushingly terrible, as they come through well enough and they are otherwise well done, but they don't sound like they're being played in the same room as the guitars. Give those drums a little more reverb so they sound like they belong together with the rest of the track. Otherwise, I like it, but the mixing sinks it for me. Fix the mixing and send it back, as the Mr. 45 comparison is pretty funny if I'm going to be honest. NO
  9. Ah, this track - I actually really enjoyed this in the WIP forums. The synth design is beautiful, especially as applied to the Sanctuary theme. The slow layering of synths behind that theme, the wet melody, the drop at 2:14... it works very well. The drums are pretty weak in this - definitely the weakest link in the soundscape. The beat is pretty plain, the kick has virtually no presence, and that snare sounds pretty dry against the rest of the synths. The drums certainly needs some more sophistication, and the reverb levels should better fit in with the rest of the track (not TOO wet, but a little more wet). As you know from my WIP comments, I'm a bit split on the arrangement. I looooove the first two minutes, but the latter castle section seems less fitting to the soundscape, for me. The first half uses layering and building to really set a somber, intense tone, while the castle section seems to rather follow the source straight without any tonal justification for the style. It's not awful in it's own right, but it really sounds like two different arrangements side by side over an arrangement that integrates the two. While improved from when I last heard this track, the mixing sounds unfocused for the castle section. You addressed the production issues caused by the mixing for the most part (nice fix!), but the synths have little focus. The theme is buried behind the textures, the reverb, while less than before, still consumes a great deal of your soundscape, so it's difficult to hear what you're supposed to be following throughout. 2:47 is a particularly problematic example of how this mix buries the important elements, but it's pretty pervasive in the whole castle source. If you want to keeps the castle section, it'll need to at least match the quality of the section prior to it. The mix needs to have a better sense of focus, the drums need more presence and the arrangement should take some steps to either better match the tone between the sections, or to better segue the tone between the two sections. I REALLY like some of this, but the second half does sink it for me. I hope to hear some revisions on this, though, as I know it has potential, and I know you've already made some leaps in improving it. Best of luck! NO
  10. Hey folks,thanks for reading my mail and listening to my track. It’s my first video game makeover. I tried to merge two of my favorite genres: VGM and Synthwave. Hopefully it fits your taste, you will find it in the attachment Information (in specific order as listed on your website):Contact:- Xyntec- Moritz Wanke- - 34496Submission:- The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the past- Hyrule’s Synths- Church’s theme, Hyrule Castle’s theme- already listed- already listed- Comment: A Link to the past - ah perfect title for both the game and this remix. It’s my first crossover of two great genres: Video Game Music and Synthwave. For those who are not familiar with synthwave: You may sum it up as a revival of the sound from the 80s. Lazerdisco may some call it. For me it goes by the name: VGMwave.Best wishes from Germany guys and gals,Moritz
  11. Dropping my two cents, project directors should have a few special privileges when it comes to PMs and communications, as these limitations have impacted myself, as well (particularly, the mass messaging limitation), especially since I'm coordinating two separate though related projects that each need their own separate mass messages from time to time (happened on the same day, once, it was actually quite irritating). Might not be a bad idea to consider this one of the things granted upon official album status automatically, and something granted on request specifically for those whom are putting in serious work on an album in the recruitment thread. These limitations won't affect most users at all, but the users it DOES impact generally are either spambots (which was the point, and I imagine it's effective) or people trying to push music and projects that help OCR become a better place, which does make it important to address. Calling it ELITE SPECIAL PEEPS would do wonders for my ever growing ego, so you should certainly call the group that if you im[.
  12. Alright, so here's where we're at: Currently, @Quinn Fox @Amphibious @zykO @DjjD @Sbeast @Alephmale have missed the deadline, so their sources are available if someone can send me a WIP of them beforehand. Of course, if they have a WIP then awesome - they're back in the game (and I really hope they do!). Thanks @Jorito @Eitzpii for keeping on top of things on here - your effort is appreciated! I will be getting in touch with everyone who is nearly finished with their older track over the next week and pushing them a little to get their finished WAVs in relatively soon. Please send me something as a WIP, as it would be better if we had more tracks than less, but as a project I do plan on pushing this forward regardless. Alright, that's it for now. Let's keep this thing moving!
  13. This certainly does belong in the VG WIP forum - while a straight medley is looked down upon in submissions (within reason), it's totally cool to share it with others on the board. As soon as my lunch break is over at work I'll look forward to listening, as Ninja Gaiden 2 has a criminally under-represented soundtrack on here (outside of 3-2 because holy crap there is more to that soundtrack than 3-2 people!).
  14. Indeed your claim is still active, PabloComa, no worries! A quick reminder to everyone in here: the first important deadline has passed, and I will be giving more substantive evaluation of the state of where we're at very soon, but I've had a few pretty intense days at work (and a few more to follow). A few have sent in their first WIP (Thanks!), but many haven't given me anything yet. If you haven't, please send something soon - I will be making your claim public for those that may still be interested if you do not submit even a rough WIP at this point. But lucky for you guys, I've been busy so that public claim might be on hold for a day longer. Use that time to send me something, or else risk losing your hold! I will be sending PM's, sending out FB messages wherever applicable, etc., so please send something before I do! Thanks!
  15. Glad I could help a bit on this. Yeah, if you raise the dynamics for multiple instruments perfectly in sync it would definitely SOUND like the gain was being raised and lowered. Humanizing the dynamics a bit more would go a long way in fixing that issue. On the organ, though, it actually IS capable of raising and lowering dynamics mid-note - it's one of it's special features. Organists control how much air is being pushed through at any time using what they call a 'swell'. Ironically, what they CAN'T do is change notes individually (in contrast to a piano), so the organ dynamics tends to sound like... well, the gain knob is raising and lowering. The irony doesn't escape me, there - don't worry about your organ dynamics, they were actually alright. Changing the choir sample would be great, but if you can't another possibility is to have the sampler playback start a little ahead in the sample, then adding a small amount of attack to it (like 20ms attack) to soften the impact. If you have a better sample then use it, but that's an alternative you can use if you need to.