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  1. Damn man, you really get this track for all it's worth. Great idea using that base as the foundation of a jazz improve; I never would've thought of that, but in hindsight it makes tons of sense. Good performances all around, to boot! Here's hoping we hear more of you on here!
  2. Super Cartography Bros. 2: Mega Man Edition

    Interesting idea. You should start seeing if there's any interest in doing so on here; it would make a pretty cool 10-12 track album.
  3. Oh, I like that low flute in this. If one isn't careful it's a very easy instrument to drown out since it has virtually no power at that range, but it's balanced quite well against the piano in this case. Such a nice timbre. Very nice arrangement you've got going, here; I guess I'll look forward to more posted by you on here.
  4. Sounds so much more complete compared to any of the sources alone. The samples have a nice, crisp high end, and those Genesis synths have so much lower end meat to compliment it. Blending the two like this works really, really well. I'd say experiment successful!
  5. A perspective from Doug about this arrangement that shouldn't go unheard. Considering the arrangement was made during National Suicide Awareness month it seems very appropriate.
  6. Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    Hello everyone, This was in a bit of a limbo; I may have bit off more than I could chew at once taking this on again on top of my other duties on the site. My fault more than anyone's, so I'm not going to cut people for it or anything. Let's not despair, though - pushing that next deadline to 10/10. Second WIP's will be due then. I'll start messaging relevant people about tracks they need to send in. I'll be working on listening to tracks that have been sent my way, giving feedback, etc., in that time (like your track, Cyril).
  7. Oh my goodness. I keep forgetting I need to be looking at all this music being posted in here; every once in a while you run across a true gem like this one. Your singing is crisp (both your full voice and falsetto), and the other performances are solid. The lyrics pull from Undertale both thematically and literally ("Just let me WIN!" *tears up*), and it all comes together amazingly. Needless to say, the arrangement is top-notch, to boot. You didn't say if you were going to submit this. If I find this in the inbox one day I would be a happy little Undertale fanboy. Once your Patreon enjoy exclusive access for a while, think about sending it our way, maybe!
  8. Sonic Mania

    But don't you need medals to access Debug Mode to get more medals...? I mean that would work great later in the collection process, but still... lol.
  9. Sonic Mania

    Heh, there's a great place to grind out the Blue Sphere medals, if you ever want to just hammer it out in an hour or so for completionists' sake: Stage 1, Act 2 has two posts that are about 5-10 seconds apart from one another. Easy to bounce from one special stage to another by simply running up a hill to one pole then back down to the other pole again and again. The state of the savepoints resets when you go through a special stage, so this can be repeated indefinitely. Of course you could also just despise blue sphere, which is a different problem altogether, but the rewards for doing them are pretty nifty (loving the playable copy of Mean Bean Machine and "& Knuckles" that gets unlocked, for example). The stage that is literally just a single spiralling path to the center takes forever, is a mental drain and is challenging for the wrong reason (you go cross-eyed looking at the same thing for two minutes straight getting to the center, urgh)... It's the worst, I hear you on that.
  10. EVAL Oh my, this is bouncy and fun. The addition of the kick gives this a different energy, which does help separate this from the source material quite a bit. That being said, I do understand your concern with this being conservative - the instruments are often a higher quality of what the source used prior and the structure is similar - but there are some departures from the source material that help give this some new life (like using a different source like a bridge toward the end - very nice touch). It might've been a safer choice to utilize some different instrument choices, but I think this would still be okay on that front. The production of this is pretty slick. The whole thing sounds like there's a considerable amount of stereo spread over the whole thing, which for headphone users (like myself) is quite distracting. Spread isn't bad, and on speakers it would sound fine, but centering the spread of your reverb and/or instruments would give this track a more defined sound overall. The instruments could use some TLC to the humanization. The levels and phrasing sound good on them overall, but the articulations for the brass are stiff when repeating the same note. Normally performers would have more deadspace/silence between quickly repeating notes in order for the listener to hearthem as more than one note being played out (like at 0:58, for example). There are some moments when the instruments repeat phrases or notes where the dynamics have no variation between iterations (like at 2:38 - 2:45 on the guitar). It's not an extreme issue, but it's something you'll probably be called out for. Overall, between the conservative instrumentation & first half of the arrangement, as well as the humanization issues I'd say this would be a pass, but not a strong pass. Pending on how much the stereo spread affects the other judges, I'd argue that should be toned down, as well. If you want a more secure pass, tweaking the articulations where they get stale, adjusting your stereo spread and changing up the instrumentation a bit here and there would help make this an easy pass. Regardless, nice work on this!
  11. Sonic Mania

    I come from the future to announce that, yes, Sonic Mania is an amazing game. I don't even like the Sonic series that much (S3&K being the only objectively great game even from the classic series... fight me), but Mania freakin' nailed it. The final boss could've used some more pizzazz than was present (even the penultimate boss in S&K was a monolithic mech - so awesome), but otherwise the level design, the music, the feel of the gameplay... it's all great. I can't say 'Sonic is BACK, baby!', but he did have at least one more amazing game in line with the original spirit, at least.
  12. Looks like Dracaemelos is getting her wish, here - Mazedude's got her back, there.
  13. How to set up video chats?

    On the bottom left corner of Discord there's a button that begins a video chat (it looks like a camera, I believe). This begins a video session for the channel, which people can join at their leisure. Hope that helps.
  14. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Personally, I thought this compo last year had a great method of pushing out timely arrangements while giving artists two weeks to mix (which is twice the normal time for something like this). Staggering the remixing periods so you always had two rounds of remixers at any one time was a solid strategy for giving people that extra edge. I would like to do more Castlevania music myself. I'll give my picks soon.
  15. Whoops, didn't catch this one - I didn't catch the download notification about five months back allowing downloads on Soundcloud. We should probably give this one some quick attention for the artist. - Gario Link: ReMixer name: cloud (Cluster) Real name: Rolla Campbell This is my main email adress UserID - 34128 This remix is inspired by the voice lines of Mei from Blizzard's Overwatch. Named: Worth Fighting For Source: Overwatch Victory (Track 17) I had a lot of fun making this one, and a friend told me I had to upload this to you guys. I hope you enjoy! Thanks, cloud (cluster)