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  1. I dig this funky tune. and i i could just get groovin to it all night long. love the flute and everything bout it!
  2. Hey guys we need moar spyro dungeon and theres nothing better then a spyro remix but i'd like to bring to attention that buzz's dungeon is a master peice and needs to be done!
  3. honestly i excpected a more jamcian kinda tune. but this jazzy one is just perfect. the notes are cute and the tune kinda also reminds me abit of f zero qaulity heck this could be a f zero song in an actual game and i'd be VERY fine with that.
  4. hey guy love your mixed just one wish is SUPER SUPER justice to the song hope to see more from you like that!

    1. docnano


      Thanks a lot!  :-)  I have lots of other arrangements on my YouTube channel (docnanomusic), some of which are in a similar style.

  5. What a beautiful melody this song is. its a very heartwarming piano playing and just makes me wanna curl up with my gf on the fire listening to it. you guys have NAILED THIS ONE. i was expecting it to be abit more trancy but this is perfect too!
  6. i'd love to hear a remix of my favorite from one from persona 4 aka the battle theme
  7. This song is gentle yet has a home and kinda omnionus tone as to what may come forth from the first time at fire linkshrine and i love it. its refereshing and makes me abit nervous to be playin the game again espically from scratch.
  8. Just a note the remix on soundcloud cant be found it says its not even there x.x
  9. to ADD trance to a great game.....UNTHINKABLE AND IT WORKS! in so many ways i love it from start to finish this will be listened to constantly for a few days!
  10. hey all ive got a good one for a remix request how bout pinball dreams beatbox theme
  11. Bumping this one. cause someone still needs to make this happen!
  12. Heya folks im wondering what ever happened to that 101% album of harmony of a hunter i can hardly find anywhere for redownload!
  13. Hey guys there needs to be more lofty castle remixes from spyro!
  14. i request the remix of Dancer Of The Boreal Valley this track really is beautiful and IT just screams remix out the gate