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    My name is Eric, and I am very, very new to the whole remixing of music thing, although I have enjoyed music since I was a child:) I have written and recorded several of my original tunes before. When I was younger, I was in the Marine Corps as a Bandsman out of 29 Palms, California. My primary instrument is the flute.

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  1. Egyptian Reverie

    This is an original song of mine. I am playing the flute. Thought I would share!
  2. Greetings, fellow game music lovers! My name is Eric, and although I am new to these forums, I have heard some of the music created by members of this site before. I always had a bit of an interest in music, ever since I would watch my father practicing his violin. I started playing the flute when I got to 6th grade...I chose that instrument because it was easy to carry and stow, didn't require reeds, and let me sit next to the cute girls in my grade:) I did pretty well with it, and had success with music performances and competitions throughout high school. I joined the Marine Corps as a musician after graduation from high school. Music and's quite the amalgamation of lifestyles:) I had the opportunity to travel and perform for many people, at many different places I might not have ever seen had I not joined. After serving my time, I came back home, and gave private lessons in my free time when not at work. In the years since, I also wrote a beginning flute method, and am in the process of writing another book as well. I have always enjoyed game music (particularly the 8-16 bit era), and I had a good time submitting my first remix/work in progress to this site. I am very inexperienced with this sort of music/arrangement/production, and look forward to some constructive feedback. I also notice that there is an area on the forums for people to post other original music, and I believe I shall share some music of my own there when I get the chance! In closing, I look forward to the chance to hear some of ya'll's music, and talking with others that enjoy game music. Respectfully, Eric
  3. This is my first time posting to these forums and submitting a remix to them. I just recently got what I believe is called a step sequencer on my computer, LMMS in this case. After wrestling with it for a while, I created this remix. It is the two different walk about themes from Dragon Warrior/Quest 2. I have some varying styles in this...I like them, but also I did it so some of those varied styles could be heard, and perhaps one of them might work for the entire track, as opposed to the contrasting genres heard here. I added the celebration theme for when you add your final party member between the two different themes, and also added a footstep sound that you hear in the game for when you enter/leave a town. Not sure if those are needed. I also don't know how well I EQ'd this. I "split the difference" between different speakers and devices for playback, as I was surprised how different the same track can sound from one set of speakers/device to another. Thank you for the constructive feedback ahead of time, and please take into consideration my extreme inexperience:) Originals My version/remix