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  1. Very nice! All the important information should be here now.
  2. All remixers should be listed in MusicBrainz. Most remixers will have at least 2 pages, one for their real name and 1 for each stage name actually used.
  3. I like it. The mellowness really fits the source material, who's flute I found a bit shrill.
  4. I'm a sucker for "Dancing Mad", and getting something arranged with Bravely Default? Sold!
  5. Very good. Nothing really outstanding or new, but there's a lot to be said for quality craftsmanship.
  6. There are some problems with "Under the Duchy's Banner" from Bravely Default. Clicking on the link on the "Dancing Mad" page gives a 404 error and the song does not show up on Final Fantasy VI 'Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis' OC ReMix page.
  7. And with that the album is fully tagged!
  8. All that is missing now is just which "Final Weapon" stage tracks were used on disc 4. Final Weapon Stage 1 Final Weapon Stage 2
  9. Ok, that just leaves "Final Weapon".
  10. To be clear, you are talking about Frost Walrus?
  11. Nice orchestration. Feels like an ending cutscene.
  12. The only bits of information mission on MB are which Frost Walrus song is used and which Final Weapon stage is used.
  13. Flameing Daeth Fearies is a group fronted by Rusti Majere. The full band lineup: Rusti Majere Vixxy Chan Ducky Tails Kloptumis Prime (there are some spelling issues with this one, I am giving the spelling used in the music videos & Bandcamp) Raptorr Zeus Zombie Hunter V See: