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  • Biography Countless natives gathered around Pride Rock in Africa, where a wise Priest, Rafiki, presented me, the newborn son of the King and Queen, Mufasa and Sarabi. The only resident of the Pride Lands who is displeased with my birth is my father's younger brother, Scar, who seeks the throne for himself. As I grew up, I was taught everything about the Pride Lands, including the neighboring Outlands, ruled by ruthless militia and off limits for residents of the Pride Lands. However, I turned out to be a colorful prankster who would rather play with my best friend, Nala, than listen to the lessons my father's adviser, Zazu, attempted to teach me. When Scar told me about a glutton graveyard in the Outlands, Nala and I outsmarted Zazu and ventured out into the Outlands where we came upon three militia men, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, who tried to kill us in the ensuing chase. My dad arrived to rescue us in time, after being alerted by Zazu, and taught me an emotional lesson in bravery and valor.

    Meanwhile, Scar was plotting with the militia to kill both me and my dad, and to take over the Pride Lands. On Scar's orders, the militia ignited a procession of tanks in a gorge where I was because I was told to stay there by Scar. Scar then rushed to inform my dad who managed to save me. But as my dad asked for Scar's assistance when he attempted to climb out of the gorge, Scar betrayed him and deliberately threw him back, where my dad was killed by the procession of tanks. I later found my father's lifeless corpse in the middle of the gorge.

    Scar arrived and tricked me into thinking that it was me who was responsible for my dad's death, as it was my presence that caused my dad to come save me. Due to the shame of such an act, he encouraged me to leave the Pride Lands and never return. I immediately turned and ran away, while at the same time, Scar ordered the militia to follow and kill me. In the subsequent chase, I managed to escape.
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  1. MnP 55: Shinobi 3 - Idaten

    Oh man, does nobody ever pick sleepy time music for this compo?
  2. Overwatch

    Is that game Peer to Peer or does it have dedicated servers? (on PC and Console?)
  3. Overwatch

    Meh I bought Battleborn for $40 for the digital deluxe edition on Amazon. I think they did that to undercut over watch but it worked. Why sell over watch for $60 on console but $40 on PC? My Jewish friend told me I was an idiot for buying Battleborn and I'd be an idiot for buying over watch at least until it is under $40 on console. Kinda bums me out. Why did they do that?
  4. MnP 54: Xenoblade Chronicles X - The Way

    All your fault. And flattery's gonna get you nowhere
  5. MnP 54: Xenoblade Chronicles X - The Way

    I'm bad lol. You guys are good. Being able to remix timely is important
  6. I didn't really intend to argue about it. This was probably not the right place to bring up the issue of the OCR name becoming a brand over time. It's possible nobody agrees with me because the people who would have are all gone. I think that merits some reflection at least, and that my concern shouldn't really be brushed aside as being paranoid accusation. That seems like a disingenuous response. To clear up what I meant by not being the community; Be honest -- if I made an album, put the OCR logo on it (brought to you by OC ReMix!), and sold it for $20 on iTunes that'd be perfectly fine, right? Or nah? What you're suggesting is that because people from OCR worked on this, it's fine for the OCR name to be affixed. Where does that stop being fine, at the bottom of the staff list, or at DJFrog's fan arrangement concept album on iTunes? Or it's all fair game? DJFrog is just an example that represents X member of the community, could be anyone. Random Encounter wasn't an OCR Community production, it was recruited for outside of OCR. People who liked FF1 didn't get the opportunity to be involved from here, and that was sad. That basically happened because at the time I felt run out of here by the swapping of power behind FF9. Ancient history, but relevant to the story. I'm overjoyed that FF1 was released here, but the community involvement was not ideal, and saying it was a community album I personally feel would be dishonest. That's what I think now anyway, I am sure at the time I was giddy as hell about just having the OCR name put on it and on the trailer, because that was the dream. In reality, it was probably a Shizz community album. Releasing it here and having people see that it was real and trust it was a big step towards recruiting people from here for FF3. When I started FF3 I specifically said I wanted it to be a bigger community album, I believe I actually used that language. I was aware of the distinction and specifically wanted to recruit for it in public here as an OCR Community effort. So I don't think using FF1 album as an example was all that fair. And maybe this story to explain that was a bit long-winded. And yeah, you didn't get clearance for FF6 Kickstarter (either from the community or Square-Enix at first) and that was drama.... but also, ancient history. However if anything it shows that having transparency or an open dialogue with the community about big decisions, especially involving money, could be a good thing, not a burden.. it could actually help avoid mistakes. I was told not to respond and that I didn't have to, and to some extent that's true, my thoughts stood. But there was some clarification that needed done, and it would have been unfair to do a drive-by opinion without clarification, especially when requested. Please don't mistake my serious tone for being anger. I'm just being serious -- this is my third and probably last post, and at no point was I attacking anyone or saying stuff to hurt peoples' feelings, at least that wasn't my intention. And no, this isn't all directed at SAC in particular which is probably why it was wrong to post here, but this just happened to be the latest rock thrown on the beach, and it hurt my foot as I was walking by. edit: Something I forgot to touch on but is implied, is that people may be hesitant to be associated with a product being sold for profit, specifically... none of us have a problem working on free projects for VGM and as a representative of the ocr community, but selling a product is different.. I think I said that earlier, but in less clear terms
  7. No it wasn't. It was made by probably a handful of people who had an idea of how to profit while using the name, and claiming to be the community. It's not me. I don't want this associated with me. There's hundreds of other people you need clearance from before saying this is the community. But calling people stupid and scaring them away from sharing their opinion has to date allowed certain people to get away with a lot of undesirable stuff.
  8. I do not approve of the OCR name being used to sell products for a profit -- a commercial album featuring multiple compensated artists, and legally licensed music, is one thing that is fine as an infrequent endeavor. This is something completely different, which brands a product with a name that was bolstered by a dedicated community of hobbyists who have gotten no financial compensation. It's not about the artists sharing in the patreon, or the VST, or the childrens book, or whatever other product gets promoted and funded using the OCR name. Using the name to promote products and services goes against the spirit of the website and shows a lack of respect to the community that built the brand's strength to begin with, and worst case borders on exploitation. Of course my thoughts aren't going to change anyone's mind, or the current / future condition of the site or community. But they're said out of a respect for what OCR stood for.
  9. Congrats to you two. Now you can focus on the appreciation of childrens books as an art form. While making money.
  10. "We'll make deals. We'll have the best deals, won't we? Our leadership is -- hey, our leaders are stupid, and incompetent, and they make bad deals. We'll make good deals."

  11. OCR02320 - Deflektor 'Cover Your Light'

    I still remember when this was posted. Never commented on it. If I had at the time it probably would have been brushed off as jealously or some shit. But yeah, daaaamn this song was not good. Between the mono rhythm guitar, which puts the bass up front.. the totally cacophony intro, and the egregious timing throughout the song... so, so bad. But the vocal work and leveling / panning was pretty great.
  12. OCR03349 - Final Fantasy IX 'Blakk Majik'

    Hit me up in 2010 and you got a deal
  13. Metal - looking for new music

    wimps and posers leave the hall While I'm here making the manowar comment, might as well post another song.. not Manowar related Love doom metal, love Swallow the Sun
  14. MnP 54: Xenoblade Chronicles X - The Way

    Man I'm sorry. What day is it??? Uncharted 4 came out and I already finished it and. Got good at the multiplayer. And I beat some punk who was trash talking in a 1v1 and didn't even gloat that much. Sorry for not remixing X.x
  15. Final Fantasy VIII: Collision Course - ReMixing Phase

    bluelighter has turned in a finished WAV for Slideshow part 1 and 2. It's very cool and interesting, an orchestration. He was very kind with listening to feedback and has submitted the song to the panel, with plenty of time to see what they think before the album is done. First WAV, it's a bit of a special thing. Thanks a ton! Let's see more music!! To people in the subforum, there are several WIPs -- you might be surprised by what you find! I'd recommend subscribing / following the subforum as well as this thread, so you will be notified of new posts when you visit OCR. It's a good thing to do!