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  1. Wait! I'm not the only one here making a TRPG all by myself starting by the soundtrack!? The second track kicks ass and the chanting in the beginning makes MUCH more sense in it. Though the bass voice still irks me off a bit. Not really sure why, maybe it's something on the renderization of the audio or some technical issue. It might be something that the majority of the people won't get, but being a bass myself and having a story playing bass sax, I'm always wired to pay too much of an attention to the bass lines. Good luck on your game and keep us posted on its update, yes?
  2. They are essentially the same track with different instruments meant to be used in a sequence representing the soundtrack of the very place, but with a different feeling. The heroes go into a back alley to sneak into a questionable estabilishment and accidentally eavesdrop something really sinister going on. Young and naive, they are scared of what they might find: Undetected and unwitting of what truly is going on. The heroes sneak into the building: (The drumming was inspired by a Foo Fighters song. I'm not sure which one, but I think it's Sister Europe) Then, some overly drunk patron hits on someone's lady and cliché ensures the end of the scene (Of course the characters get dragged into it! What kind of game would have the heroes just watching while mayhem unfolds?) Thoughts?
  3. Awesome! The only thing I'd add is that I'd love to have those initial harmonics throughout the entire track (or at least for a few more bars). But still awesome, though.
  4. Very nice. I like the little comments on the first guitar part and how this has a Kingdom Hearts 2 vibe to its drums and piano. I wouldn't mind if you scrapped the singing though. I don't really feel it matches with the rest of the tune properly. It sounds more like the kind of singing I'd like to hear on Banner Saga and judging by the picture and the rest of the composition, you have something else in mind. It also sound out of tune/polytonal. Maybe if you give a little insight on the lore I might assess this properly. (I also happen to be a total tactical RPG addict. Can you give some insight on game mechanics, release date on Steam and lore?) I find the lack of bass a little upsetting. It's not that it's bad or anything, It's just that I'm a bass addict. I also like the arpeggio section at 1:24.
  5. It just dawned on me that I didn't specify anything about the remixes. I'm not really sure about what I want for Character Introduction. Perhaps a simple remaster with a more present brass and a something on the bass (maybe a contrabass or tuba). Part of me wants to say jazz, but I kinda feel skeptical about it. For Antidote, I'd like to see something on the likes of new synth, specially based around this one: I have no idea why I put Decisive Battle there other than it being my favorite and thinking it's perfect as it is. Maybe it's just because I got tired of listening to it a billion times and I'd like to hear something different to it. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have to agree with Garrett here. The background of people talking is a nice touch, but I have a feeling that, not only this is a very conservative mix, it is a step down mix of Saria's Drop and Aquescent Symphony. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but personally this makes me dislike it. I was pretty OK and satisfied up to 1:30, but when the dub dropped in I had an underwhelming deja vu. Dubstep simply doesn't seem to match here.
  7. Great game, great soundtrack. Not enough remixes. Any of them will do, but I'd be specially thankful if atleast one of these were picked: Thanks in advance.
  8. I like this a lot. I wouldn't say it's bland because I imagine the ideal is for it to be a background track to some action sequence and it would distract the viewer too much. Though I do think the guitar riff is a bit too much of a cookie cutter, if that makes any sense. But the contra-tempo bit at 0:26 is sweet! I specially like the ending and the drumming at 0:13. Overall pretty awesome! Would watch on movies/10. ... Is that pic from Underworld?
  9. A very good tune overall. I'd say it's flawless if not for the A note at 0:21-0:23. I don't know if it was intentional, but it came off too strong and vibrant and out of key. When the same A shows up again at 0:30, it sounds much better placed.
  10. First town theme for an tactical RPG. When everything is still nice and calm and there are no world threats yet.
  11. I enjoyed this big time. The beginning weirded me out a little, but once the main line started I got really into it (and I don't even like eletronic).
  12. This is quite good. Though, for an emotional track, I do miss some strong treble. I assume, by the picture and description, this is the protagonist's home being destroyed. If it is, I definitely missed a more powerful sense of despair, of being engulfed by a feeling. It sound incomplete. I could see the same track being used for a character going for the all-or-nothing against the final boss. Now, if this is just some random village being burned, then the feeling is spot on, though you could develop it a little more. The repeated notes on the strings comments on the later part was... odd. I can see some people not liking it, but I enjoyed it. My major complaint, though, is that the track has no movement. It's basically the same chords over and over for the . This is OK for the build up in the intro, but as it develops more and more, I do miss something else.
  13. Hey, thanks for the feedback. I composed this using Tuxguitar and converted it using http://www.conversion-tool.com/midi. I didn't know any better. As for the composition, I'm well aware of the dissonance at 0:55. It was proposital and a throwback at another track that uses the same line (like what Toby Fox did with Undertale's OST). I tried to do it on key (is that the correct term?), but I felt it was simply utterly redundant and overlapping so I did a little change. The flute part was unintentional and I don't see what I did wrong here. As for not being aggressive, my main idea when I was composing this is that it would be an inspiring save-the-world type of song, like Seiken's Densetsu 3 Sacrifice pt. 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xo9CgaTUi0) and Chrono Trigger's Main Theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-s-VQBoUdc). But now that you've mentioned it. It really sounds too mellow. Also, how do I compose a more aggresive track? You mean just a faster tempo, heavier instruments, more dissonance or a whole new composition? Here are the original files: MIDI file: https://www.4shared.com/file/zLJUdyFvce/O_Chefe.html Tux file: https://www.4shared.com/file/8bA3QGbFba/O_Chefe.html Here's also the slower variation for the Forest boss: MIDI: https://www.4shared.com/file/AXv_cCdvce/O_Chefe_da_Floresta.html Tux file: https://www.4shared.com/file/EEWZTMW_ba/O_Chefe_da_Floresta.html
  14. Hi. I'm a self-taught guitar player who just decided to have fun with Tuxguitar. I made this piece for an FFT-inspired tactical RPG that's been in my mind. This is the main boss track and there are a few variations of the track with different instruments depending on the specific boss. I was kinda worried this was too short, but then I checked the Undertale OST and realized maybe it's long. Sorry for the shitty quality. When I converted the file from MIDI to MP3, it got a little different. That being said, is the composition good? Would you play the game based on the soundtrack alone? Composing this was fun and inspiring. I want to go deeper in a sense of creating a better track. Where do I go from here? Which software(s) should I use? TL;DR: Rate the song and give advice on how to remix. TIA