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  1. Hello everybody, I can't believe how fast time has gone by since my initial post last year. I haven't completed my Volley Fire remix yet, but I haven't been sitting still either. I would like to share with you - for your enjoyment and perhaps feedback - a new piano piece I wrote and recorded on my digital piano. I name it Step by Step - it is a kind of exploration of different intervals and bass-styles. I'm a sucker for these emotional pieces and I'm particularly proud of this one. What do you think? Thanks for listening! Link to Soundcloud:
  2. Okay, posting the FL Studio version I managed to squeeze out of the demo version before my laptop signed me out and blocked my access to it This one hasn't changed much in terms of structure, but I had already started working on an improved version with some new ideas, that I'll continue on when I decide to get FL Studio or not.
  3. I would be very interested in your take on the track I remember looking for a remix years ago but nothing really came up except a guy who just put his guitar play over the video of the original source. My initial wish would have been to make an energetic rock-style mix, but seeing how guitar samples are generally even worse than my piano samples, I figured I'd go with something else. Have you posted anything yet? *sets out to look for it*
  4. Okay, I'm going to continue working on this soon, and see how far I can go with what resources I have available. Right now I'm thinking about a more orchestral direction, for which I have the most ideas. But first, I need a bit of a break. The music is starting to repeat in my brain over and over again, keeping me awake at night so that's a sign I've been working at it too much I'm honestly frustrated with researching the DAW/VST software side of the story right now. I gave Reaper a try, and it looks like it will work smoothly enough, but my main wish is to have something that has a decent enough sound library from the start. If the basic FL Studio package delivers on that, then that's something I think I'll go for, but right now I feel a little insecure about the whole issue and don't want to end up spending my money wrong and regret it.
  5. Thank you for your input APZX! I really appreciate it. Source Ah, I see I forgot to mention that the video description has markers to the parts I was using. You could use those to navigate to Stage Select, Stage A and Stage B, which are the tracks I'm throwing in there. I guess my definition of "remixy enough" would be not just copy/pasting the original notes, but providing variation of my own. The last section I think you're right about the end being somewhat short. Each of the stage tracks has 2 parts, with 4 measures each (I think). I ended up leaving out one part (so 4 measures) because I was kind of hitting the tops of the string instruments and couldn't really go higher from there, which I would have liked. Since I already had kind of settled on my "finale" I could no longer transition to the second part anyway. And around that time I was running out of ideas, but by now I have some fresh ones that I will try and incorporate to make that climax more "beefed up and exciting" to use your words Direction Hmm, to be honest I haven't really thought about the direction in terms of style or genre. I'm having a hard time labeling my original compositions, which are similar in instrument usage. I guess the inclusion of the strings kind of happened by accident, and because I have a little more experience with them. The Electronic Piano was not originally intended either, but I had to find some alternative to the unbearable piano sound of MuseScore 2 :D. Eventually it kid of grew on me, and it works well for the little Starfox Corneria loop. I did want to emphasize the beat and speed of the track, and I happen to love the strings, especially the viola (alt violin). I wanted the track to build up to a climactic point with the full range of strings in there. So the ending definitely needs to do its job. When you say "humanize it more", are you referring to velocity and perhaps a non-mechenical tempo keeping? Or does that term refer to it being playable by humans? At this point I have no idea what, for example, the limitations of the cello or violin is in terms of how many notes can be stricken at once, and how that might effect which notes you can play next. Misc I'll have to look into this Reaper thing you mentioned. I watched a promotional video of - I think it was - Reason first, and that just overwhelmed me, giving me the idea that you need to have a ton of knowledge of all these different devices. I tried the demo version of Fruity Loops and am already working on reproducing this remix on there. I do like it a lot, but I have to know for sure that I can get really good sounds if I want to follow through with it. The first transition did trouble me the most. I'm glad to hear you think the others are alright This first transition is important because it is supposed to reflect the opening part of the Stage A theme (see video again). The way I'm setting up the track is: [basic Stage A] prelude that sets the stage for the climax. It is the primary source for the remix - goes into [Stage Select] to get the beat going - transition into [Stage A] - transition into [Stage B] - breakdown into [Stage A variation] - full blast into [Stage A climax]. The Starfox parts are of secondary importance and appear here and there throughout the track. I'm not sure I understand your comment about the splash cymbals. Do you mean to say they suggest something is coming up, but nothing actually does? You also brought up the snare. Getting the drumkit to sound nice has been one of the most consistently annoying things to do in experience so far. The hats and cymbals are even worse at this point. I'm also discovering that FL will drop out certain sounds if it already has its "hands" full with the snare and hi-hat, so I'll have to figure out how to utilize the drumkit properly. I definitely do want the snare to sound better, because it is one of my favorite things in music (I so discovered when analyzing the original soundtrack's MIDI file). I'll have to post the FL version when it is done so we can see if you think the snare has improved. In that version I am using a second snare also, which I think helped it a little, but dealing with those velocities has been challng so far. I have a lot to learn and dig into at this point. Thanks again for your time and comments! I was afraid my remix would go by unnoticed, only to disappear into the dusty parts of the forums. (Apologies for the long reply. I can't help myself!) --RM
  6. Hello everybody, I thought I'd say hi here, since I recently signed up. I've known this website for years and have loved much of the music people produced, especially of my old favorite video game tunes. OCremix has slipped out of my consciousness for some time, but recently popped back in when I listened to older remixes again. I signed up because I've become a learner-musician myself (started playing piano in 2014) and figured sharing my own remixing efforts and getting feedback from experienced people would be helpful (I posted my first work-in-progress remix here: ). I can't promise to be super active on all the different forum sections because of health problems. I have to limit my computer time to avoid overloading my brain and causing headaches and problems sleeping (which in my case have unreasonably long consequences). Its a tough life, but I have to deal with it. I've shared some of my personal history with music in the "About Me" tab on my profile page, if anyone is interested in that. You have to take my signature as a bit of tongue-in-cheek. I was diagnosed with Asperger's (Autism Spectrum Disorder) about a year ago after years of struggling and finally burning out at work. Don't let the label scare you. We can have relatively normal conversations (not too good at small talk, and am usually not one to start a conversation though). Okay, this is going to turn into a massive autobiography if I'm not careful, so I'll leave it at that for now. So..."hi!" --RM
  7. UPDATE: FL Studio Version Hello, I'm a new user here and I would like to share a remix that I am working on with you guys and ask some basic feedback about the project in its current stage of development. Before jumping in, please consider the follow comments, to get an idea of where I am coming from and what I'm trying to accomplish. I am looking for feedback on some specific points. Tracks Used So I tried to combine a number of BGM's from the classic Gameboy game 'Volley Fire'. During development I noticed some easy to make connections with snippets from Starfox's Corneria theme, so I put those in as well. That gets us the following list: Stage Select (VF) Stage A (VF) Stage B (VF) Corneria (SF) I wanted to at least give the old source tunes a sound update and create a progressively expanding scene, adding more instruments, driven by a nice beat. I initially started playing around on the piano, going on my memory of the original tracks, but soon found out my memory was slightly off. But this created some nice variation that makes it a more true remix. What I'd Like Feedback On You should know that I have only started making music since november 2014. I have made a number of private compositions since, and this would be my second "completed" video game remix. I do not have professional music making software, but rather am using MuseScore2, which is a notation program. For that reason, I am not looking for feedback on the quality of sounds and instrument samples. I know these are lacking. Mastering is not too much of a concern at this point either, because the program isn't made to do that. Until I can invest in something like Fruity Loops, I want to limit the scope to other areas: Does the overall composition work? Do you think the transitions between sections are alright, or are they too sudden or weird? What would be a good way to transition them nicely so that it feels like a whole? Is the total length alright? Does the track have enough variety, keeping it interesting enough to listen to from beginning to end? What do you think of my use of the source material? Is it 'remixy' enough? I realize that sound quality and mastering might effect how you answers some of these questions, but hopefully this will be useful enough anyway. Thanks for taking the time to listen and respond! Looking forward to learning from you guys and becoming a better musician in the process. Remix Link Find the track on SoundCloud here: I'm naming it either "Folly Fire" or "Volley Fire'd", probably preferring the first. Source Tunes Link Volley Fire: (video description has timestamps to the relevant sections) Starfox Corneria: --RM