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  1. Updated track with a video; I made the recorders a little bit softer and the Majora's Mask a little bit less intrusive by removing the cello.
  2. Really cool remix! The synth lead when the drums kick in sounds especially good.
  3. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. My complaint about Tarrey Town: I really wished you could've built your home there, instead of Hateno. It would've been YOUR village then. They could have even given you the choice of where to build it on the pillar too. Even better, (had the game had a better story element), the Marriage event could've been you x Zelda/Paya/whoever after you built your house and the town. A romance element could've made the game so much better imo.
  4. Tarrey Town was my favorite track in Breath of the Wild; I loved how it mixed in themes from other places in the game as you built it up. I tried to remake the start variant and full variant in the beginning, keeping close to the original, and then expand on it with themes from other places in the Zelda series as well. So imagine Tarrey Town in the Zelda Universe now, I guess. Extra themes in order of appearance: OoT Kokiri Forest OoT Lon Lon Ranch OoT Castle Market OoT Kakariko Village OoT Gerudo (The plucked instrument) OoT Goron City WW Dragon Roost WW Outset Island MM Astral Observatory MM Clocktown SS Skyloft Zelda Theme These were just some of my favorite places in the Zelda series and I thought that I could mix them in well enough. Please let me know what you think! Maybe which ones mixed in well, not so well, or other themes that might fit in their too! I plan on submitting this to OCRemix, if a judge could help me out and let me know if they would accept it. Thanks! Areas of concern: Is the Majora's Mask section (3:09) too much? Original:
  5. Thanks for the reply! About being close to the source material in instrumentation, that's definitely a bias for me and I'm waiting for judge to let me know if its too much for this site. I love OCRemix, and have subscribed to them on different accounts for a few years, but my biggest grievance is when I click on a remix of a song that I know and love, just to find out that the remix hardly sounds like the original at all. Sometimes it feels like remixes are trying to use the video game music platform to push their own original music, as opposed to using their own talents to make beautiful video game music. My favorite remixes, consequently are of remixes that sound close that what I love in the original but have a sense of uniqueness to them, be it instrumentation, implementation, etc. My current style is to make the first iteration of a vgm loop close to the original, and then expand with new themes or instruments later in the song. That being said, I completely understand why you might find that boring or unoriginal, and why a potential judge might think the same. I'll have to make sure future submissions unique then. Thanks again!
  6. I realize that I posted a different track earlier, but I just finished this one today and I feel that it's probably a better suit for Overclocked Remix. I used themes from Lon Lon Ranch and Kakariko Village; this was partly inspired by the tavern in Link Between Worlds, where the musicians there would play themes from different area's/games. This idea for this piece is that you walk into a tavern playing the Lumpy Pumpkin Theme, but the players also mix in elements from other games as well. If this site has a rule against Soundscape elements (ie, tavern background, beginning and end), please let me know; it's too easy to remove it. Enjoy, and let me know if it has potential to be submitted here! Original: -Juke
  7. First submission here, I wanted to share my orchestral remix of DKC 2's Haunted Chase. Mostly orchestral...I added in a bunch of door slamming type effects to capture the feeling of going through the level's gates. Original: -Juke