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Originally Posted by Brandon Strader View Post
When are you making the claims list pubic
We need to hear back from 3 people:


I can't do rerolls till we get an email back from these 3.

The following have accepted:
Amphibious - Final Fantasy 3 - The Boundless Ocean Requested by: Gario
BlackPanther - Space Station Silicon Valley - Snow Joke Requested by: JH Sounds
Bundeslang - Gremlins 2 - Level 1 Requested by: Brandon Strader
Chernabogue - King's Quest VII - In The Clouds Requested by: The Mac Attack
Cyril the Wolf - Legacy of the Wizard - Any (Recommend: Worzen Family, Preparations, and Warrior's Theme) Requested by: Xarnax42
DJ SymBiotiX - Jazz Jackrabbit - Diamondus Requested by: Sockpuppet
Eilios - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Gumshoe's Theme Requested by: The Mac Attack
Jacob Diaz - Warlocked - Intro Requested by: Moseph
jmr - Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - The Gears Go Awry Requested by: Chernabogue
ladyWildfire - Blast Corps - Cromlech Court Requested by: JH Sounds
MetalMan - Crash Bandicoot: Warped - Skull Route Requested by: Rexy
Moseph - Terranigma - Elle Requested by: Suzumebachi
mv - SaGa Frontier II - Feldschlacht I Requested by: ProjectSpam
Neblix - Beatmania IIDX 7th Style - Zero-One Requested by: DJ SymBiotiX
prophetik - Super Smash Tv - Circuit 1 Requested by: BlackPanther
Rexy - Final Fantasy 10 - Besaid island Requested by: Joseph Wells
Sockpuppet - Shin Bokura no Taiyou - Gyakushuu no Sabata - Vanargand Requested by: Taylor Brown
Xarnax42 - Golden Sun - Normal Battle Requested by: metalsnakejuice

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