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Old 08-12-2013, 08:17 PM
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OCR02723 - Final Fantasy VI 'Dark Blue Substance'

What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
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Old 08-21-2013, 05:04 PM
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Very enjoyable to listen to. I particularly like how it doesn't go out of it's way to make any one idea stand out, it sorta works together from start to finish (will say that the dance beat worked very well with me though ). Not bad at all and a strong addition to the Final Fantasy VI album.
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Old 04-07-2014, 06:11 AM
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This is my first review on a ReMix.

Excellent job, Mattias! Your ReMix flows nicely and I just love the pounding kicks and that bass. Very groovy! I can't imagine Cyan dancing to this tune (haha) but me and a couple of friends played this song at a party last week and a lot of people were just gettin' down! I've always loved the original song and now I have a reason to dance to your ReMix.

I give this a 9.5/10.
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