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  1. Aye. Good man. Good mix. Cheers TO. P.S. Are you the one who has his name stated simply as 'TO' on other mixes? On and off OCremix?
  2. I too have been listening to a bunch of your tracks Dj.P. Some I like, some I don't. But this one kicks ass. Love it. Glad you can still pour your heart and soul into your mixes. P.S. Is it just me or is the site lay out a little messed up?
  3. Was a little unsure about downloading this mix after the last tetris mix I heard (not much of a piano only fan). I'm glad my expectations were blown away. This is a solid trance mix. Being the trance lover myself. If you like trance, this is for you. I give it two thumbs up.
  4. Heh, it's funny. After getting a new computer. Thought I'd download some old favourites like 'Airborne' and 'Waste Water Wipe Out'(clash of my two favourite artists). Then thought, hey, why didn't I ever download his previous works? I did just that... And wow. Where have you been all my life? All his remixes are flawless in my opinion. Any ways, I just wonder what happened to Tefnek after his last remix submitted?
  5. I've always enjoyed this track for years, but never got around to posting. How I found this track, was looking for the orginal on WinMX or Napster or some thing. I always kept finding the other saturn version. I found this one before I found the orginal and the pull of this great track is very strong. Very enjoyable.
  6. Don't know what some people are smoking. But I would listen to a remix simply just voiced by Pixietricks.
  7. Much <3 for you. Most instrumentals people make on OC are great. But the vocal ones, they have to be perfect or else it ruins it.
  8. This track is great... except for one thing. I recognise pixietricks' flawless singing from Journey's End and I've always loved Zircon's works. The singing robot guy was cool. But the guy singing with pixietricks was corny.
  9. Don't know why there's so few reviews for such a good remix. I like it. It's not in my face to catch my attention. But it's got that sort of freedom, in space feel to the remix.
  10. Kick ass remix. Been a while since I heard one so good. Not too repeatative and the right ammount of excitement. Sounds like it belongs in an action-packed shoot 'em up game.
  11. I liked your last remix of the Sonic game and I love this one. Excellent remix.
  12. You turned a real repeatative and boring track into an awesome one. Well done. I was downloading this expecting the worse as I do with all Sonic 1 remixes. But you blew me away, DistantJ.
  13. Oh My God! *Cheers*! Never knew there were so many fellow descent lovers out there. I only posted a request for descent music recently and here is one already lol! Havn't downloaded the track yet but know it's going to be good already. Let you know what I think when done. ~Hails Dj Redlight for putting descent on the map in OCremix~ Holy crap! ! This is actually my favourite track in Descent II. Remixed very well too. 10 out of 10.
  14. I got nothing intelligent to say, other than this mix kicks ass. Trust me, I listen to almost all the mixes on this site. I like alot of them, but I only post on the really good ones. Feel proud of yourself PriZm.
  15. I must comment! This track is excellent. Another success of Zircon. I've heard his other two tacks and they're awesome, I didn't even know he was involved in this one until I started listening to it. Well done. Tefnek deserves credit too ofcourse, also heard like one of your other peices of work, it was good as well. Made an excellent track teaming up with Zircon. Well done to the both of you.
  16. I'm a lazy poster, would of posted sooner, rarely post and the only times I do post is on good music. What caught my attention is idiots calling this remix crap. This trance is good. Only fools would say not. One of the best songs in my play list. Three thumbs up and don't let any one tell you any worse.
  17. This is a great peice. Though it's not the best I've heard it's still good and differant. Conclusion. Good job on the peice. Side note: The peices "Into the deep" and "Before time" that just been submited, seem to have a similar guitar style and go well hand in hand on my playlist together. Though "Into the deep" is the better of the two. They make a nice combo.
  18. I really never down load ANY music off any game I havn't played. But this one drawn me to it some how. I was glad I downloaded this peice. It has been the best I've download ever. That says alot since I've download many good music. I heard no fault in this music. Those so called "non-jiving/out of place guitar solo" at 2:09 and 4:10 just made a nice contrast in the peice. This music seems to be my style of music all too well; which is why it appeals to me so much. Conclusion. Well done! Side note: The peices "Into the deep" and "Before time" that just been submited, seem to have a similar guitar style and go well hand in hand on my playlist together. Though "Into the deep" is the better of the two. They make a nice combo.
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