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  1. Bungie released videos: http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=15574 Youtube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fi-zh68woE Notice that one of words in trailer was "Danger: Flood Zone" It looks like we are back on earth and the flood has screwed it over. Common rumour is this is Halo 3's expansion. But another question is. What ship is that at 22 seconds (before the big blue flash) into the trailer while the drop pods are coming down?
  2. So after all this talk of Play Station... did any one actually play the game 'The Force Unleash' yet (especially on a xbox360)? You know, the game that this thread is based on?
  3. First 'good' action Star Wars game since Jedi Knight II. I'm looking forward to it. It's about time we get a decent star wars action game.
  4. Where did you find and listen to such tracks? Frank K. is awesome by the way. Assuming it was composed by him.
  5. I was in the Ra3 beta. I'd not recommended playing it. RA 1 is still the best Red Alert of them all in my opinion. Sure RA2 was great, but RA 1 was better and had depth that enhanced the entire C&C series. RA3... it's just not red alert any more. Sure change is good, but it seems to be entirely different (in a bad way) now with Red Alert slapped on (reminiscent of Golden Eye: Rogue Agent by EA) and some skimpy sluts overly promoted to get sales. They've milked the series to death now. C&C3 and Kanes Wrath was tolerable, but RA3 is unforgivable.
  6. Not a constructive comment, but an encouragement. There are never enough Descent remixes and this is sounding good so far. Every one of them is a gem so far. Keep it up! =)
  7. Yahtzee is just saying what every one is thinking about EVE. Except those that play EVE of course. heh. But he makes it funny, so it's all good. =)
  8. I paid $120 for Halo 3. Where can I sign up to stop such rip offs?
  9. Bitching about a $15 game? "Welcome to my fucking world." New release console games $110+
  10. I'm the same. Loved Doom 3. Even bought the expansion (a little disappointing that it wasn't as great as the game it self). Why I loved the game? The scary moments. It was awesome and especially when the game teased me with when I'm walking along and they are throwing barrels at me from above. But the only time I absolutely hated the flash light was when there was this place with total darkness and only these moving capsules to give you light. You either had to follow it and be swarmed by imps or choose between either a gun or a flashlight -.-; I played doom 1 and 2 when I was younger, but not a hardcore fan. Only played like about 5 levels in each. I found Duke Nukem 3d to be more entertaining. >.>
  11. No idea why you want the icon so big. Are ipod screens even bigger than that logo?! (Not an ipod user of course) But if you really want the logo to fit the screen or what ever. Why not just use paint to increase the white background and have the OC icon in the middle? Just thought I'd give a solution.
  12. Holy crap this is an old thread. Took a while for the guy to come and post here. xD
  13. And now for a brief mention of "Gears of War 2"... that was it.
  14. Really getting old... Firstly it's because it's not about sexism. The issue is about being fat. I think the real bad guys (or girls I should say) are the imbeciles attempting to persaude every one that being fat is okay. It's not. It's unhealthy and some thing you must work at. Myself, I eat health (no sodas/soft drinks especially) and exercise reasonably well to keep my thin build. "I choose to be lazy or I am a depressed emo" is a poor excuse to claim discrimation against any thing negative towards fat people in general. Fatter people have generally shorter life spans and it's their own damn fault. /end rant
  15. Sonic '06. Yet the fan base still groaned and whined.
  16. -”the team behind Sonic and the Black Knight is keenly aware of the franchise’s past missteps, and their enthusiasm for doing right by the series is infections” What? Is a good Sonic game now considered a desiese by the Sonic Team? o.O
  17. http://blogs.sega.com/sonic/2008/07/21/sega-announces-sonic-and-the-black-knight/ So. Guess it is a direct squeal to Sonic and the Secret Rings after all. Also posted on Sega's website: http://www.sega.com/games/?t=EnglishUSA&g=490
  18. I love it. All of SGX's remixes never disappoint. It has a space-like theme to it and is very eerie and deep. Congratulations on another awesome collaboration SGX and sephfire!
  19. You'd think I'd have the same computer I used in 1998? xD
  20. No offense. But either your opponents were either really good or you really sucked. I did several nuke strikes when I used to play starcraft before the 21st century (some one stole my CD and haven't bothered going back since ). Usually what I do is set up a force to go in and destroy structures/vehicles that were used to detect my ghosts. While the enemy would be fighting my forces that would be slaughtering their cloak detection, my ghosts would sneak in the blind spot, point a nuke and bye bye enemy base. It can be quite difficult at times, I know my ghosts have been detected time to time and killed off. But it is not impossible if you know what to do and when to strike.
  21. Let's just hope a remixer can step up to the challenge and answer the call.
  22. Duke Nukem takes steroids! It was the thing in the 80s!
  23. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=13445 Go nutz!
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