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  1. ...Or even good enough to listen to. You don't have to list one even. I have heard some awesome tracks from the game Sudeki and even Fable has some nice ones to listen to. I usually mix them with some music from OCremix as I play online 3dMMORPGs as their music tends to get repetitive after a while. Music from 2d rpgs seem a bit too dated and doesn't fit how ever. So what music do you like from any 3d RPG? I'm looking for some ideas for some music to listen to.
  2. I was downloading this expecting it to be your same one from ReCapitated with your off-tune voice. But no. Instead I find this amazing track that seems to have strayed from your usual style; in a good way. Two thumbs up on the excellent remix. (ps. I did actually listen to all of the ReCapitated remixes. Joke or not. There were actually two mixes in that project I liked: Ice Cap Zone 2007 and A Work of Staggering Genius. Even though most of the mixes didn't appeal to me, there was no need for the uber harsh reviews I saw on the day.)
  3. It seems to be totally gone along with djp's remix added to the website? Sure most of the tracks in didn't really appeal to me, but there were a couple I liked. Just curious. Was it an April fools joke or did djp get upset about the bad reviews on his mix that caused him to remove it? I still have the link: http://icecap.ocremix.org/
  4. When i first brought an xbox 360 home, the power brick was defective and would shut off the xbox 360 after 10 minutes of play time. It would stay red for a couple of hours and repeat the same thing again. After spending hours with some girl from india, I finally was about to take it back to eb games and the now my new x box 360 works fine. Still disappointed at its preformance and slow downs. I run Halo on both x box and 360. X box preformed better as the 360 had some sad slow downs running that game as well as many other games meant only for the 360.
  5. Not to mention independance day. That's what I immediately thought when I saw the Ark (kind of looks like the death egg too) shoot the blue ray beam (And again when it destroyed the white house in Shadow the Hedgehog).
  6. That's the Zircon I've known to love! This mix shouts 'awesome' with it's sudden grab at your attention through out the whole mix.
  7. For months I've waited for a new remix that would catch my ears attention and shout praises of pure awesomeness. This dark, eletric peice is that remix. Well done.
  8. Only problem i have with my xbox 360 is the very noticeable slow downs in many of it's games. Even compared it to the old xbox by playing Halo 1 on the 360 and the results of the 360 were disappointing.
  9. Don't get your hopes up. I'm forwarding what I posted on a sonic fansite's forums: "There'll be eight stages with 100 missions," Sounds fun.... "We split up the team, and we started development from last January, so we only had one year to complete this game, with the usual time for a Sonic game being two years." Prepare for some major disappointments. Quoted from the Q & A on game spot.
  10. I liked one of your remixes here, but as a hard-core Tails fan, you lost all respect from me Really? I did not know that. That is my all time favourite track from Sonic. I really enjoyed his latest tracks, but god damn, i didn't know how much he rocked! I always thought it was stupid when he started calling himself 'Dr. Eggman.' It's like this: Sonic says, 'you're a shit face' Dr. Robotnik replies, 'I am Dr. shit face. Take me seriously!'
  11. Well, I've played almost every possible Sonic game with exception of Sonic Rush and older/crappier titles such as Tails adventure and Knux Chaotix. I have to say, the only sonic games I truly disliked was Sonic 3d blast and Sonic Heroes.
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog (the latest one). Got a lot of bad reviews, but I like it.
  13. True, but there were none that captured the true intense style that acts one and two boss possess and there were no 'bonus' tracks to make up for them.
  14. I'm all for it too! Any Sonic 3 + Knux rock remix would just do that... rock!! I was a little disapointed in the lack of act 1 and 2 boss remixes in Project Chaos though.
  15. I don't know. That's a pretty hard song to top.
  16. Every one got the e-mail. Even though I rarely post, I always check this site each day hoping for a new remix to be posted and browse through any interesting topics that show up on the front page. But when I got the e-mail, I was like, "Um okay. Gee thanks."
  17. These are actually the words printed at the back of the box/cassette case on the original game, so I can't take credit for writing them. They simply fitted as song lyrics, so I don't think I changed anything - just lifted them right off. Anyway, hope y'all will enjoy the tune! Still awesome!
  18. Oh my god! Holy crap! A non orchestrated remix! And I love it! ...Just what are the lyrics?
  19. Finally. A track from the project that's worth putting up here. This track is awesome. It is the only one to remix the end level boss, which in my opinion is the best to make action-tune catching mixes. The evil laugh touch was just brilliant. I've had this on repeat for a while and still not bored of it.
  20. This could of been a good mix. But I couldn't get over the lyrics, they were horrible. And I don't often come up this strong in my opinion in many remixes either. There were a lot better ones in the Chaos Project, why was this chosen over them all?
  21. Great mix! Very nice arrangement. Recognise TO's style, always unique and enjoyable to listen to. Pixiegirl, your voice is heavenly, I'm glad you didn't quit submitting to OCremix after that trouble with the last mix. Tepid, haven't listen to many of your tracks. But always good to listen new things.
  22. What can I say? I've listened to a few of Goat's submissions before. But not having listened to them for a while, I've forgoten his style. I downloaded this expecting to be another mindless head banging heavy metal that's going to give me a headache. Instead, I love the song right away. The intro build up was awesome and kept that nice nercoslaying theme with the right ammount of rock. Look forward to your next one.
  23. Yes, I changed to The Orichalcon since "TO" was pulling up other artists on last.fm. I'll still release mixes under "TO" on sites other than OC ReMix. Cool. Even though I lost a lot of remixes from my old computer crashing and reformating multiple times over the past 3 years. I still re-download FF6 'Haunted Train Disco' from here and Descent Level Six from some random site. Love those mixes man, keep 'em coming.
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