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  1. This has my vote. After the intense battle with Maze, this guy was a joke. In the original version of Fable, all I did was used lightning on him non stop while drinking mana pots and he died. He was stunned by the lightning the whole time and couldn't attack me, I could just stand still and do it. At least in the expansion version you couldn't stun him with lightning, which made him a little harder, but not by much. His second form as a dragon was much more impressive though.
  2. Sarge: Blarg. ALSO... Honk. ... Are these really my lines? This is ridiculous. Who wrote these?! Sarge: Where the blarg is Griff? He's got a honking coming to him! Simmons: What's the motivation here? Is there some boss alien's ass I'm meant to be kissing? Blarg honk sir! Sarge acting as E-mail spam: Would you like a bigger penis?! Where would you like it? I can suggest some places. I only started getting interested in the series a week ago. Played from episode 1 straight through to 99. And today: 100. Good times. Shame it's ending, it will be missed.
  3. woot, they made a small update on their official site!
  4. Only thing that screamed awesome to me about enterprise was the space battles and "In the Mirror Darkly" episodes. Shame they only made two...
  5. It's not that I hate Warcraft (although I've never been interested in the series). It's just it's 'happy, bright, gay time' colours do not suit starcraft.
  6. This looks like the star craft I remember. If you think this is bad. Just look at the new starcraft game play video on the lush green land based planet. It screams warcraft! >.< Starcraft is a dark universe based around the brutal Terrans, the creepy Zerg of every one's nightmares and the Religious Protoss. Bright colours do not set the scene well.
  7. What better way to end the story than the hero (Jim Raynor) rescuing her from the clutches of the Zerg as he promised?
  8. I don't know, but I just had this sudden realisation where starcraft II plot is going. I have a feeling Kerrigan is going to be reverted back to human (maybe a cure found for her?) http://www.starcraft2.com/images/artwork/ss4-hires.jpg I know by the hair this is Kerrigan. But she looks less Zerg and more Human.
  9. Any one see the resemblance? =P
  10. Shh about the steak or you'll make him cry.
  11. Spider man with the full black suit and mask on = bad ass no mask on = a joke Goblin went out with a glorious and fitting ending = dead Venom was only just getting started and it left an opening for a come back = not dead
  12. Bah, sydney... too far. Need one in Melbourne.
  13. Just want a Starcraft game damit. It's been too loooong!
  14. Azure Prower


    After seeing all these other 3D MMORPGs popping up on the community forums. I'm wondering if any one from OCR has played Rappelz ? It's a recently new game that is free to play and is comparable to WoW even though it seems to have gone under the radar because it's a Korean developed game. P.S. For those who might remember my other thread in search of music to play while playing this game, while the music in this game is good, it does get old after playing hours on end.
  15. Blizzard dashed my starcraft hopes with Ghost
  16. Omg! After so long. Two of my favourite artists team up once again. After listening to the duo's work together on Waste water wipeout. I knew this track was going to be awesome. I was not disappointed.
  17. And this song is STILL in my play list. It's that enjoyable. 4 years and counting...
  18. Halo's has some good tracks. So does Fable. But depends on your taste in music. But as for the bland orchestra music, I'd have to agree. I listened to Morrowinds (Oblivion's predecessor) and it was just that. I didn't want to listen to any more of the tracks afterwards. May appeal to some, but not me either. Sudeki's music was pretty interesting (for it's time and still is surprisingly), only problem is so few tracks, thus sending me on my search for more interesting rpg music with my expectations bar set kind of high. :/
  19. Ding! Exactly the reason why I specified 3d. Or else I would be flooded with old beloved rpgs Of course. I haven't played any retail RPGs since Fable and don't know what's out there really.
  20. It's like comparing chip tunes to Halo music. Which one are you going to prefer while playing Halo? Just an example, though I know every one has their own tastes in music. Just as time progresses, I feel the newer music that comes out is more refined. Refined music for refined games. Even Jun Senoue said he couldn't make the awesome type of music he did recently with 10 year old music mixing technology. How ever there are some dated composures that you can sit back and chill to and some times there are times they do not fit. Doesn't make them inferior.
  21. Thanks for the ideas for those who listed some. Much appreciated.
  22. On the 3d part, I beg to differ. I've put a track from a 2d rpg while playing a 3d one and the depth does not match. Sure it was great for the 2d aspect, but there is a quality that matches the dimension. As for the "no favorites" thread rule. I'll just reword the first post to avoid that.
  23. Not quite an RPG. But I liked your remix of command and conquer 2 scouting how ever.
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