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  1. Will Smith has a good track records for entertaining movies. So I'll be seeing this movie.
  2. Oh and I listened to that one too. It was good. Though I thought it might of been the mystery remix that is of trance genre. Usually that's Sir Nut's department. Still wondering who composed the remix at 0:06 on this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jFCBkgZcrR8
  3. Added what Blizzard has said about the "merger".
  4. Don't know about Nintendo. But I played that game on PC as a kid. All I did was shoot apples through the rock and it worked like a charm. I'm surprised on this thread, no one has mentioned the only other Christian game: "Captain Bible." It was sort of an action RPG quest thing.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7123582.stm Official response from Blizzard: http://www.battle.net/forums/thread.aspx?fn=sc2-general&t=152804&p=1post152804 Discuss.
  6. Thanks for that track Allen. But still not what I'm looking for in the changing beat rate. How ever it's defiantly a keeper even though it's a demo.
  7. I currently have a (far fair) few remixes of this one awesome track. But I know there is more out there. At least there should be. I rank this track as high (or even higher) than ice cap. It has the potential to being remixed into a progressive adventure/action/rock track. Giving the punch and impact it deserves. (The first 45 seconds of this video gives a perfect example by how I mean it gives a progressive feel; like as if you were climbing/racing to the top of a mountain.) (Here's another example of my own using "Dark Egg - A Robotnik Remix.") (Example number 2 of what I was hoping to achieve using "Machine Gun Hedghog.") http://www.soahcity.com/music/1994_sonic_the_hedgehog3_and_knuckles/52-act_2_boss.zip (The actual mp3 version of the track from a legit site if any one needs it) Current ones I have found and kept in no particular order: 1. BrainCells, SnappleMan - "Scrambled Eggman." (Starts off good with the evil laugh and rock. But as the song progresses pass 1:10: It is a little off tune and regresses in build up.) 2. Hadyn Lander - "Nu-rock Robotnik." (Sounds like an army of robots/mechanized units marching en mass onto a battlefield. No complaints other than I've listened to it to death.) 3. Kevin Lorenzo - "Machine Gun Hedgehog." (Was actually submitted to OCRemix and rejected. It was the first electronic rock remix of this boss track. Sounds a little dated, but still awesome.) 4. Shariq Ansari (a.k.a. our very own Darkesword.) - "Dark Egg - A Robotnik Remix." (Found this one just yesterday on my search for remixes of this track and came across Darkesword's site - along with some other nice tracks there - The song starting off slow and soft, building up slowly, getting faster. It heads in the right direction with the sharp build up. Showing the potential this track has of being remixed into some thing great.) - Now for the reason of this thread. Does any one know where some remixes of this track are? I've heard a trance remix that I cannot find and probably suspect there are more out there. Also if any one would like to take a crack at remixing this track, I encourage you greatly to do so. There are way fewer remixes of this track than I'd like and it deserves more.
  8. Reuben died doing the thing he loved and he will be missed by many. He will be remembered here as good musician and to his family I give my deepest regret.
  9. All sources are pointing to that is our Reuden Kee is was on that boat and is missing.
  10. Doesn't stop EA releasing their 2008 sports range. "Challenge next year!"
  11. Because we all know and love BioWare. We don't know who or what Pandemic is... ...Well, I know they developed the awesome game Star Wars Battle Front II. But that's about it. They're not really as famous as BioWare. Sorry.
  12. http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20071011006083&newsLang=en Yet another company bought out to fuel the mass production gaming giant.
  13. Azure Prower

    Halo 3

    Were we playing the same game? I thought with the exception of the title track, all the other tracks in the game were ones reused from the previous Halo games with no modification.
  14. Azure Prower

    Halo 3

    Only three days to go I'll be then able to play my copy of halo 3, and tell you people on the other side of the world how it is like before you able to obtain yours. xD
  15. If you look at the stars to the left of Mario, it spells "GAY" as well.
  16. Not a mention of the robots from the Sonic series? There's tons of them there! D: How do we vote again? xD
  17. The orginal C&C. Meh. Call me when Red Alert goes freeware. Haven't played that game for ages.
  18. True, but is that going to stop them from going ahead any way?
  19. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/24180.html Saw this after watching a Halo 3 trailer. Any one think it's going to be a possibility?
  20. From Australia: -SuperNerd boardband- 1.5MB downloads/256k Uploads 1.5 gig download limit $59.95AU per month.
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