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  1. Weird. I'm on a Phenom II 4-core OC'd @ 3.7GHz and it runs fine, with a stutter or two every couple minutes. What resolution and AF? I do 1600x1050 2xAF
  2. I think the closest they came to that was Zelda 2. That game gets the most flak out of them all. Usually for being different, or being too hard. I still like to play it though. Are you using the right revision (I think it's 7719) with the suggested settings?
  3. This isn't meant to be directed only at seph, but when people say that the formula is getting old or boring, I can see their point. However, I also wonder at what point would the game stop being Zelda? I think in this game, they've kept everything fresh and interesting while still retaining the Zelda formula. If you lost the formula, would it continue to be a Zelda game, or would it be something different? (different not innately being bad or good) When you really think about it, how exactly could you change such a familiar franchise like Zelda without it being an entirely different thing?
  4. That's really cool. When I saw the silk thread, I thought it was odd but now I know there was a reason for it and the Buddhist theme. God I'm loving this game.
  5. So I've been playing the game on my Wii for about 5 days or so with little to no major problems, but I keep hearing people reporting that sword swinging is pretty inaccurate. I thought that they were just wildly swinging, but after playing it on Dolphin for a bit I started having some pretty bad problems like that. I realized it's because of the way my PC is set up, with the sensor bar right below the monitor, I usually wasn't pointing the remote at the sensor bar because that'd require my arms to be pretty high. I thought the sensor bar was just used for pointing the slingshot or looking around, but once I started occasionally pointing the Wii remote at the sensor bar, my sword swinging problems went away. tl:dr: Maybe those that are getting sword swinging problems aren't using the sensor bar enough? (i.e. playing at a different angle than their tv)
  6. Well that's a resolution thing then. I know "graphics" is a broad term, but I thought you were saying that the painting/cartoon aesthetic was bad. I'm playing on a 42" and if I play closer to the TV, the jaggies are pretty visible, but for me after awhile I don't notice them. The thing with this HD generation is that a lot of people (not saying you, of course) don't understand that resolution isn't the only thing related to graphics. I've got a PS3 and have had a harder time playing some of those games because of the fact that they're in HD. I got really frustrated playing Castlevania: LOS because in a lot of places, they zoomed out the camera way too far. Maybe I'm alone in this, but there were a lot of times I couldn't tell what the hell was going on because my character was so small, and the dark color palette didn't make it any easier. So I guess I'm just saying that grass swaying and idle animations are lost on me, especially when the rest of the game is broken because the designers wanted to show off their work. I also can't get the hang of complicated button combinations to do combo moves, so a lot of the fighting in those Devil May Cry-type action games are reduced to button mashing for me, so that bores me a lot more than a little imperfect motion controls.</rant> Sorry, none of this was personal, just my own ranting about this generation of games. To each his/her own, and all that.
  7. I'm loving just about everything about this game. At first I had problems with the motion controls, but after practice, it made more sense. I think the problem was I was trying to slash too fast and so it picked up the wrong motions. So, it's not perfect but I think it'll be awhile before the tech for motion control can perfectly make the correct decision between what you wanted to do versus what, technically you really did. Overall though, I can't imagine playing this kind of game with traditional controls. I think it adds a lot to the experience. In addition, the dash ability is awesome. It's gonna be hard to go back to previous Zeldas and not be able to use it. The graphics are great, I'm loving the storyline, and I think the music is awesome. I don't understand what some people are saying about the graphics looking bad. some of the more organic areas could have used a few more polygons but it doesn't ruin it for me. However, I will say that I thought I was really going to like the painting DOF effect, but it just comes off as splotchy after awhile. Not a game breaker, but worth mentioning.
  8. I'm pretty sure he only really cared about posting that last one.
  9. I've looked over the Dolphin forums and some people have gotten to the end already with only small problems. There seems to be some work involved getting the painting DOF filter to work properly (it seems different AA settings are giving strange results), but it's still playable. I did see some problems people were having getting the MotionPlus controller to work as well. You do need a beefy system (Quad core, at least 3.0ghz) to keep it running smooth as well. EDIT: http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/showthread.php?tid=19897
  10. Not having voice acting is a creative and project management decision. The argument that "there's no excuse" is dumb. Just because a technology exists, no matter how accessible, still takes resources and time to implement. It adds a whole new layer of complexity to every aspect of the development process, so either it would have added more development time, or they would need to cut time from another part of the game in order to meet deadline. Not to mention all the hassles that stem from it regarding localization. So without VA, they're able to focus their efforts on other aspects that are more valuable to the game. And everyone else has brought up the creative side. When it comes down to it, the chance of ruining the experience rises when you implement VA.
  11. I'll take the minimal amount of people who have the game, and posting here as most of them being too engrossed in the game to do so?
  12. So jealous. I've gotta wait until Tuesday to get it. Any comments about the motion controls?
  13. It's not that big of a deal to me, but it just makes the game feel easier. If lives are more limited, it gives another reason to make sure you don't screw up, otherwise you have to restart the world. Taking that away relieves some tension and changes the atmosphere of the game. So I think it's noteworthy, but I agree that it doesn't ruin the experience.
  14. So I gotta agree, Super Mario Land is a lot of fun, and this is coming from a guy that thought NSMB was a little meh. It's challenging enough, but it's way too easy to get lives. Overall, I really like it. I also downloaded the Kirby's Adventure 3D Classics. This is the first time I felt like the 3D actually helps me out a lot. In the original, because the color palette is a little washed out and everything is really similar, sometimes I had a hard time figuring out what was foreground, and background but because of the 3d, there's no confusion.
  15. Yes. Absolutely Mother 3. Shattered Memories really surprised me. I was expecting a half assed Wii ripoff game but it really came out as one of my favorites. Maybe not so much my favorite Silent Hill, but more of a contender than Homecoming and The Room.
  16. The Binding of Isaac. While it's a short game with no plot twists, I thought the idea of needing to destroy your mother (even in your own fantasy world) in order to survive was powerful enough.
  17. As much as the IGN review bugged me due to the lack of in-depth analysis, the Gametrailers review was garbage. They contradicted their statements several times throughout the review, and the first 3 minutes was just Wii bashing because it's not HD and that Nintendo is behind the times.
  18. Just give your money to Nintendo. You know you want to.
  19. We're less than a week away now. I've been trying to get tidbits of information without spoilers, but it's just so hard. Hell, even IGN's video review had too many spoilers for me, and those were in the form of 2-4 second clips from later parts in the game. I ordered mine from Amazon so I'll have to wait until Monday to play it. I was at first, hesitant about this game when I saw it at E3. Now I'm convinced. The soundtrack sounds incredible, seems like everyone is praising the MotionPlus controls, and the graphics and animation look awesome. I'll finish it first on the Wii, but I definitely wanna try it out on Dolphin after a couple playthroughs. Check out the screens: http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/showthread.php?tid=19897 I'm so jealous of EU people getting this on the 18th.
  20. Just did it recently on the 3DS, actually. Playthrough of both quests.
  21. Personally, I hope they keep the romance low-key.
  22. Probably a little spoiler-ridden but still great for creating more excitement for the game: http://kotaku.com/5845391/zelda-creator-talks-up-skyward-sword-now-with-subtitles
  23. I'm so psyched for this game. Still gotta wait a little less than a couple months for it though... Zelda is really my only gaming vice. Every time a new one comes out, I can't stop thinking about anything else until I finish it. When TP was released, I had just gotten laid off and couldn't start my job search until the end credits rolled. Definitely a low point in my gaming career.
  24. That's a really terrible solution to a non-problem. If anything, the problem with the d-pad location is way worse than lacking a second circle pad. It's a little uncomfortable to use for me. But even then, it's not all that bad to play all games with the circle pad anyway. I still assert that the main problem with the 3DS is the lack of really good games. Granted, I like the remakes and Kid Icarus looks fun but there's nothing out or planned that'll pull people off the fence, let alone over the fence. I bought the system because even if it fails horribly, they'll get a number of games on it that I want to play, so it's worth it to me. Even though the Virtual Boy sucks and bombed in retail, I still love playing that Wario game on it. However, if their main solution is to add another circle pad, then they're crazy.
  25. On the other hand, if I remember correctly, their initial surgery estimate was low so it's a good thing for Allison that they didn't stop at their first goal or they wouldn't have had enough. I'll agree though, I'm one of those people who donated, full well knowing they already had enough, but I wanted to help EC so I chipped in anyway. I wouldn't want my money going directly to The Escapist though. I'm glad they're getting away from that site. (if it sticks)
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