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  1. I feel the exact opposite. I love everything they did with the new Kirby game. Frankly, I was getting sick of the old "suck up enemies and spit them out or use their ability" strategy. It definitely works for the old games but it's making the franchise stale, IMO.
  2. No stores around here had it either, but I found it here http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=77731 So glad they released this. I totally forgot how awesome they are.
  3. Both 64 and Galaxy were great games. Galaxy's worlds were more linear, but 64's levels feel a bit small to me after playing Sunshine and Galaxy 1. On topic: I'm definitely excited for Galaxy 2. Looks like a lot of fun, but I just bought 3D Dot Heroes so I gotta finish that up before I make yet another new game purchase.
  4. Here's one I've had for a long time, but rarely show to others because they usually just think it's weird and not funny.
  5. So I know that this game isn't an an action/RPG, but is the online play similar to the Phantasy Star Online games? Even though they're basically grindfests, I still love them. With that in mind, I'm wondering if I'd like this or not. Any thoughts?
  6. I can't hear anything above 14. 27 years old, gettin' to be a geezer.
  7. I don't know what you guys are complaining about. It's probably just a more accurate version of this: http://kotaku.com/5499823/nintendo-3ds-could-borrow-3d-trick-from-iphone I know I don't have much of a reason to think this, but I doubt they're talking about stereoscopic 3D.
  8. I'll agree with everything Sir Nuts said and also add: - Holding the B button to strafe and fire is really hard for me to pull off. Am I the only one? Sure, it was the only choice given the lack of controller options, but still... - Game over on the first death? Really?
  9. For those who played it through some more: does the music get any better than what was in the trailer?
  10. This. IMO I think both timeline viewpoints and "retelling" viewpoints are interesting takes on the Zelda universe. In some ways, they both work, but I think I'll agree that the timeline as a whole doesn't seem to be as thought out as it should if Nintendo truly wanted to tie every game together. I think it works out well in my head to focus in on the "Legend" part of the Legend of Zelda. Sometimes it feels like some details aren't there because you're actually just playing through a myth (or legend) instead of a full on story, similar to greek mythology. The story just keeps getting passed down so many times that it may only resemble what happened. I don't think Nintendo planned it that way, but it feels like it sometimes. Actually, I think I read on Kotaku that Miyamoto went on record saying that they (Nintendo) have a master copy of the Zelda stories and how they interlink but who knows if that's really true. Edit: I forgot to ask, am I the only one excited for motion plus gameplay? I hope they re-did the fighting engine from scratch though. I don't want to waggle through a whole game again.
  11. I haven't tried any of my cartridge games in awhile, but I do remember that my Final Fantasy 3 cart battery gave out after only 3 1/2 years after buying it new. Does the frequency of playing the cart affect the battery life or did I just get a dud?
  12. I can't speak for the My _____ Coach series but I have both of the games you mentioned there help immensely for my Kanji, specifically the Kakitori Kun games, which are slightly easier to stumble through if you're a first-timer.
  13. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    I picked up Wii Sports Resort yesterday. That game is a lot of fun, and that relieves me. I bought it even though I was hesitant. Wii Motion Plus finally brings the control to the Wii that I was expecting (or maybe just hoping for) when it first came out. The airplane game is very reminiscent of Pilotwings 64 for me, so I'm loving it. Archery and Swordfighting are my faves, but I was also surprised to enjoy some of the other games that other reviews said were boring, like the canoeing and wakeboarding events. I actually played it for about 6 hours straight yesterday without getting bored. I think I've only done that for 1 hour with the original Wii Sports, so all in all I think it's definitely worth it.
  14. The most annoying time this happened to me was when Tetris attack first came out. I played it so much I would hear and see the tiles popping when I closed my eyes or daydreamed. I don't know if this counts but ever since I played Super Mario Bros. for the first time, when I'm a passenger in a car/train, I look out and imagine Mario running on and jumping over telephone poles, scenery and the horizon line. Actually now that I think of it, that hasn't happened in a while now, but I used to do it all the time up until my late teen years.
  15. I wasn't able to catch the memorial live, is there anywhere that has the whole program online? Googling and looking at local news stations' sites turned up nothing.
  16. MJ's death has definitely been surreal for me. He was one of the icons of my childhood (another playground Moonwalker here) so I guess in my mind I assumed he was immortal, or at least he'd live longer than 50 anyway. I watched the Moonwalker movie so many times when I was a kid that the VHS tape got too worn out to play anymore. My parents actually have a home video of me dancing like a total freak to Speed Demon as well. I'll agree with Nekofrog though. I don't think there was substantial evidence to say he was a pedophile, but it's more interesting/fun for society as a whole to assume he was one.
  17. Been married for two years now, just never saw this thread
  18. Calpis

    Metroid: Other M

    I don't know, lately I feel like Nintendo (although they're not the only company doing this) is going about making cost-effective games the wrong way. Instead of games with new and interesting engines, gameplay, or purposes, they rehash engines, get other companies to make sequels to their IPs, or make games that have no depth (Wii Sports/Music, anyone?), or any combination of the three.
  19. Calpis

    Metroid: Other M

    Yeah, I thought the same thing. It looks interesting at the least, but I didn't get too much of a Metroid vibe from that video, just Ninja Gaiden with Samus. I guess I'd need to see more gameplay to get a better idea of how it'll work. I just hope that they don't turn it into a game focused more on action, cheesy storyline, and killing enemies than exploration and atmosphere.
  20. I just bought these for my PSP/MP3 player and they're pretty decent (much better than the previous Sony earbuds I bought at Big Lots anyway). They're pretty comfortable for earbuds and the price is alright.
  21. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    I'll add Bit.Trip.Beat to the list and I definitely got my $8 out of Crystal Defenders R2 as well. Gradius on the WiiWare is great, but it's just too bad that I suck at Gradius.
  22. Calpis

    Nintendo Wii

    Anyone else been following Muramasa: The Demon Blade for Wiiware? It looks incredible, as far as animation goes. Edit: my bad, it's not a WiiWare title.
  23. On this note, did anyone else ever misinterpret/wonder what the hell this sprite from Kid Icarus was supposed to be? I always thought it looked like he was frowning and had a beard.
  24. This one is a little strange, but I always noticed on Super Metroid, in a couple rooms before Kraid, the camera kind of glitches and shows an area that wasn't mapped so it's just this strange black area that shows for a slight second before the camera snaps to the x position it should be at. It's a little hard to explain, but it's in the room marked below.
  25. I liked the fishsticks episode, although I do admit I didn't laugh that much at either of the last two episodes, what with the queefing and all. Maybe that was the point?
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