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  1. I haven't heard about this guy before but it's so great I just bought it because I like it so much.
  2. I second Cave Story and Shantae. That western-themed tower defense game is fun, if a little too hard for me though. Picobits is another one I've liked too.
  3. And cue the 3DS SNES Virtual Console speculation...now Super Metroid
  4. Agreed with Bleck. I can't say that I think the latest FF games are bad, they were just boring.
  5. There were a lot of worthwhile Wii games. I have yet to beat Little King's Story though. That game is hard. Anyway, it'd be really cool if localizing these games for the U.S. actually happened, but I'm doubtful about ever being able to change NOA's mind about anything.
  6. I'd say the closest I came to gaming skill was my 100% 1:05 speed run on Super Metroid. But I do remember my brother regularly getting like 22 million points in Beetle Mania on SMRPG back when we were kids.
  7. I considered getting the Nyko battery, but I didn't like the idea of not being able to use the cradle. It's just so handy for me.
  8. I bought a 3DS for Zelda as well. So I have Pilotwings and Zelda right now. Here's my FC: 4554 061 6795
  9. Japanese would be a hard G so the direct pronunciation would be close to "guild" with a hard G and an "eh" vowel instead of "i". IMHO this particular word got a bad translation. However, I first played the game before I learned japanese though so I still read it in my mind with a J sound with emphasis on the "ru".
  10. Ah, so you did. I admit, I stopped reading the entirety of people's posts once this pronunciation tangent started.
  11. Shouldn't the pronunciations be based on the original japanese pronunciations? Saria = サリア = Sa Ri A Kokiri = コキリ = Ko Ki Ri Gerudo = ゲルド = Ge Ru Do Right?
  12. I don't expect them to be great, but I've never heard the sound clip on a handheld's speaker. Maybe I just realize it now because I'm so used to hearing this music on a stereo because it was a console game first.
  13. I picked it up yesterday as well. The graphics are awesome, sound is very close to original, although it does seem that some phrasing was changed very slightly on some songs a little bit here and there (Goron village is the only one that particularly comes to mind ATM). The 3D effect is awesome and relieving. Before this game, all of the 3D effects I saw on the system felt too much like paper cutouts for me to really get immersed in and that worried me that this was all the 3DS was capable of doing, but this game totally erased all of those doubts about the system. Also, this is also the first time that I felt motion controls add to the immersion of the game. In the original, I hated using first-person items or going into first person mode to look around because it felt like a chore to use the thumbsticks to look around/aim, but I've noticed that I really enjoy going into FP mode and sometimes I've done it just to look around the room I'm in. I've never done that in the original, and I played that game to death. One more note: Is it just me, or does the music volume feel a little overblown? I keep hearing minor sound clipping for me in louder areas. Haven't listened with headphones yet, so maybe it's just the 3DS speakers.
  14. So has anyone here gotten it yet? I heard Europe got the game on Friday.
  15. So the U.S. preorder bonus is pretty lame: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/06/ocarina-of-time-3d-north-american-pre-order-bonus/ I'm pretty sure I got that exact same poster from Nintendo Power back when the game was originally released. Oh well, the game still looks fantastic.
  16. I think we're all ignoring this awesomeness
  17. Nope, his two daughters' middle names are Samus and Daisy, respectively.
  18. Not my brother. He named his first son Link.
  19. I'm really excited for it. I actually just bought my 3DS just yesterday because I want to play this. I've seen enough in the trailers that was changed that I'm convinced that this release is a little more than just a hi-res texture pack. Models are smoother, textures are higher res, and it's got a better framerate. That's enough to warrant a $40 purchase for me. Has there been any comment on the music or sound effects? Are they the originals or re-worked or what?
  20. I don't understand how GPU specs explain the ability to stream video wirelessly. Sure, it can explain how much video data it can process, but sending it wirelessly isn't a GPU function.
  21. Why are you guys so concerned with how you look when you play video games? Who the fuck cares? I think I've come to the conclusion that as long as Nintendo's systems carry their own AAA titles, I don't really care too much for third party support and I'll buy their system. I don't care about 90% of the fps "AAA" bro-ware titles that comes out on other systems either. Hell, I bought a PS3 only to buy their download games like Flower, Fat Princess, and PixelJunk games. I've tried a lot of the $60 ultra-budget games as well like Castlevania:LoD, God of War, and even Little Big Planet, and they all just bored me to death. I can see how technically they're good games, but they got boring real quick. It's not to say that I think all third party games are boring, but the recent "Epic Blockbuster Realistic" games have been boring to me. I think the only one that didn't get too boring was MGS4, and even then the cut-scenes got tiring after awhile. tl:dr: I think my opinion is that if they get good third party support on the Wii-U, then that's fine but it probably won't affect my purchase decision.
  22. I'm thinking multiple projectors. Even when people onstage walked in front of projected images, they were still there. I assume that means that they've got the same image projected multiple times. But, I don't know much about the subject so I could be completely wrong.
  23. So I know this is a bit off topic, but was anyone else impressed by their stage effects? Maybe I'm a bit behind on this, but when they kept changing the theme and graphics of the entire background, and playing character animations off of the physical curves and slopes of the designed set, I was wowed.
  24. I'm honestly not getting the Wii U hate that I'm hearing (aside from the name). I think it looks awesome and has some great potential. It's like combining the features available in the DS and Wii in one little HD package. Call it gimmicky or not, both the DS and Wii were huge commercial successes and I personally like the hell out of both of them and their libraries. I don't see any huge downsides here.
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